Mimi Bulkoch and Caylynn Jagga confirmed as the wildcard contestants for Miss Universe Australia 2020

02 Aug 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Australia 2020 is going to begin soon with beautiful contestants who will compete for their chance to represent Australia at Miss Universe 2020. Twenty-eight of these ladies were chosen from various state finals held over the months while few weeks ago two delegates Carla Florencia and Holly Dexter were confirmed as the wildcard finalists and now, the Miss Universe Australia organization welcomed Mimi Bulkoch and Caylynn Jagga as wildcard finalists.

Mimi is 26-years-old and stands 175 cm tall and is a software account manager who was born in South Sudan. She explained that she had spent her favourite years in a refugee camp in Kenya after which the family decided to settle down in Melbourne. She is representing the state of Victoria at the competition. She in her final year of a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and has completed two international internships, in Kuala Lumpur and Budapest. The diva is very passionate about women and refugee rights as she has been through a lot herself, she wants to use her experience and learnings to help as many people as she can.



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Mimi had faced racism first hand and would like to bring attention to that area as well. She spoke about her experience when George Flyod was murdered by a while policeman. The diva has emerged as a strong, confident, and determined woman who has only one dream to represent her country at international stage and use that platform to do something good for the society. She preaches about kindness and supporting each other which is one of the reasons why she was elected as the wildcard entry for Miss Universe Australia 2020.

Caylynn Jagga is 23-years-old and is a professional Dermal Clinician and Dermoscopist who was born in South Africa and moved to Brisbane in 2002. She is representing the state of Queensland at the competition. She has studied and is working in a sector that involved skin cancer screening and skin health management. She is very passionate about body image positivity and skin condition normalization which is something she wants to use the platform of Miss Universe Australia 2020 to advocate about. She wants to spread the value of education and kindness because she believes that they are essential to the mind and soul.

Caylynn has shared that she had joined the program to challenge herself, step out of her comfort zone and talk about things she is passionate about. She stated, “There are no moulds to fit to be involved in the program, you just get to be you and I am so very grateful so have been a part of it all!” Caylynn occasionally offers lectures at the University she graduated from, teaching the next generation of skin-health heroes.

The divas are very honoured and blessed to be a part of Miss Universe 2020 stage and aiming to win it and make their parents along with the people of Queensland and Victoria proud. They have started to prepare for the competition as they are working on their walk on-stage, body angles, body postures, confidence, communication, and interview skills. The newly selected queens are positive and aspire to be a positive role model for the young girls across the world.

Congratulations to the new queens!