Miss Universe Australia 2020 delegates from Western Australia express their views on the new wave of Miss Universe

15 Jul 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss Universe Australia 2020 is all set to host its coronation in October at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne, Victoria. The contestants from all over Australia will vie for the national crown and the opportunity to represent the country at the prestigious stage of Miss Universe 2020. In this edition of Miss Universe Australia, Cities, States, Territories, and Regions of the countries will be represented throughout winning state and city pageants as an all-round casting in the city of Sydney. Miss Universe Australia 2019 Priya Serrao of Victoria will crown her successor at the end of the event.

The delegates from Western Australia; Diana Coniglio, Zara Edgar and Tasha Marciano recently shared in a recent interview that they are prepping themselves for the finale night which is going to be held in the month of October and that they could be taking out the title in a year that will forever be synonymous with global pain. Dealing with bushfires to racial protests in the country to dealing with pandemic, Miss Universe pageant has a lot of emotions in 2020.


Miss Universe Australia 2020 delegates from Western Australia express their views on the new wave of Miss Universe


All three; Diana, Zara, and Tasha are strong, confident, and independent woman who are not only representing their state at the national competition but are also a spokesperson for the nation on a global stage who are trying to understand their white privilege at its best especially after Black Lives Matter movement. “I think we’ve just learnt a lot; I came into the pageant not knowing much about racial like stuff, it’s been hard when the whole coronavirus went down, we’ve learnt so much,” Diana mentioned. There are so many things the diva explained that had to be taken under consideration especially when the entire globe is facing a crisis along with standing up for people with colour and the bush fires.

The divas mentioned that the pageant organizer Tory Barbagallo gave them the book ‘White Fragility’ to read and educate themselves about the white privileges and it has helped all three of them to understand their privileges and how does racial system work. They also stated that through the book, they have understood that what is on social media is not actually true but when you read it with an evidence like in a book that was written years ago, you tend to understand the deep rooted causes of it.

Zara said that she feels that the knowledge and education that she has been receiving through the beauty pageant workshops or activities today would have been very different if she would have waited for a year to participate in Miss Universe Australia. Tasha says that she feels she brings a different diversity into the competition with a stereotyped history. “I think the meaning of Miss Universe, no matter what’s going on in the world, that the title of Miss Universe Australia as a world stage is quite a coveted thing,” she said.


Miss Universe Australia 2020 delegates from Western Australia express their views on the new wave of Miss Universe


Tasha further mentioned that she is passionate about diversity inclusive of how people look, their shape and size, colour, religion, and even their height. She believes that it’s time everyone should be treated as human beings and not as a curve model or a black model. We should all respect each other and be kind enough to give them space to be themselves and that is how we are going to progress.

The gorgeous divas have been prepping themselves up for the big finale event along with working on their individual advocacies. All of them are working out, eating healthy, being productive and much more during their stay at their respective home due to the pandemic. 27 delegates from the country including the two wildcard entries have been announced by the organization for the competition.