Tangia Zaman Methila for Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020 crown?

27 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

In the wake of corona virus spreading all around the world, there are chances that the national organization will be appointing a delegate to represent the country at the international pageants this year. If Miss Bangladesh Organization follows in the footsteps, then there are various suitable delegates who could be getting a chance to represent Bangladesh this year.

Amongst many talented and stunning beauties is Tangia Zaman Methila who is not new to the pageant world. A model and actor by profession, Tangia was elected Miss Supranational Bangladesh 2019 last year and was all set to represent her country in Miss Supranational 2019. But unfortunately, she withdrew from the competition stating family emergency. Bangladesh was supposed to debut in Miss Supranational under her delegation.



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After her stint, Tangia earned a lead role in a Bollywood film ‘Rohingya’ where she played the role of Husna Araa. “I have had to learn to speak the language of the Rohingya. I believe our film is going to be absolutely different from most mainstream Bollywood movies”, she said as she talked about her debut. Methila is acting alongside the former ‘Mr Bhutan’ and bodybuilder Sangay Tsheltrim.

Even though Tangia has already paved her way into the movies, there is still a chance to redeem herself as she missed her calling to represent Bangladesh at an international platform. Tangia already has strong interest from her fans, with strong social media following. Tangia will certainly be a good competitor on the international stage with her beautiful beauty and confidence that she has earned from her success in the modeling industry. Her characteristics, journey and experience fit the profile to become Miss Universe Bangladesh and represent her country with absolute conviction, confidence and elegance.



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