Miss Universe Belize 2019 Top 3 Hot Picks

03 Sep 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Belize 2019 is all set to host its grand coronation night on 6th September 2019 at the Belize City Civic Center where eight gorgeous ladies will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Belize in Miss Universe 2019. The winner of the national crown will succeed and be crowned by Miss Universe Belize 2018 Jenelli Fraser.

While all these ladies have shown tremendous potential for winning the crown, there are a few who have stood out from the rest with their beauty and grace. So, without further ado, here are out Top 3 Hot Picks for the national crown –

Destinee Arnold

Destinee Arnold is 26 years of age and hails from Roaring Creek. She has Studied Sociology at California State University, Fullerton. She wishes to represent Belize at Miss Universe and be a force to be reckoned with at the international stage. The curly haired beauty can sure be a strong contender for the title if she maintains her hard work and determination.


Miss Universe Belize 2019 Top 3 Hot Picks


Vivian Noralez

Vivian Noralez is 20 years of age and representing San Pedro in Miss Universe Belize 2019. Celebrating the platform of multifaceted women, she wishes to talk about things close to her heart and take her story and channel it into creating something positive. Coming out and speaking out about being a victim of sexual abuse, Vivian has already shown strength of character and a strong voice which is a much needed quality in a Miss Universe delegate. She is surely a fierce competitor this year.


Miss Universe Belize 2019 Top 3 Hot Picks


Aarti Sooknandan

Aarti Sooknandan is 24 years of age and is representing Belize city. She is a MBA student and also a model. Aarti has proven her worth in the competition with her sincerity and dedication. She also has one of the best catwalks in the competition this year, looking stunning in her slender frame. She can also win the crown if she dazzles the judges with her grace.


Miss Universe Belize 2019 Top 3 Hot Picks