Miss Universe Bogotá 2020 Maria Del Mar Meza launches ‘María Del Mar Academy’

10 Feb 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Bogotá 2020 Maria Del Mar Meza recently took to her social media to announce the launch of her academy María Del Mar Academy. The diva is looking forward to fresh beginnings in her life, and the pageant world is ecstatic about the beauty queen's new initiative to teach aspirants how to evolve as a person.

Maria wrote in an introduction video published over Instagram,” Welcome to María Del Mar Academy. Whether you want to be a model or not, everything you will learn in this program will help you in all aspects of your life. Here you work on the integral being (body, mind and spirit) having these three factors aligned you will achieve great goals in your life.”



“In Japan there is a term called KAISEN which means "constant improvement" that is our purpose at María Del Mar Academy. By working on personal, physical and mental balance you will constantly improve,” she further talked about the essence of the organization and the purpose behind it.

The academy will provide comprehensive training to models, beauty queens and people who wish to hone their soft skills. As a veteran in the beauty industry, Maria boasts of being a professional model and winning the crowns of Miss Universe Bogotá 2020 and Miss Aura Colombia 2021. She also has the title of Miss Grand Altiplano 2018 to her name.

The Colombian diva is also a jewelry designer and owns an accessory chain called ‘Maria Del Mar Meza accessories.’ She believes that economic development generates spaces of peace and investment and has furthered her endeavours with this initiative.