Joyce Prado Ribera, Miss Universe Bolivia 2018 dethroned after pregnancy announcement

15 Apr 2019 | Irina Silva

Promociones Gloria, the official organization holding the franchise of Miss Universe Bolivia has dethroned Joyce Prado who was crowned Miss Universe Bolivia 2018 on 24th June 2018. The dethroning announcement came as Joyce Prado was confirmed two months pregnant and the dismissal was for ‘contractual compliance’.

The organization announced, “The current Miss Santa Cruz and Miss Bolivia Universe 2018 has been destitute of its crowns as Miss Santa Cruz and Miss Bolivia for reasons that are strictly related to breach of contract, leaving a record that we maintain cordial relations in a field of mutual understanding, safeguarding the clause of confidentiality.”


Joyce Prado Ribera, Miss Universe Bolivia 2018 dethroned after pregnancy announcement


The Bolivian beauty queen announced her pregnancy and wedding plans on her social media as well as she posted, “The miracle of life is indescribable, especially when it comes to the arrival of a new member of the family. Becoming a Father or Mother may be the most important challenge that comes our way in life, but just as it can be difficult, it can also be the most rewarding thing in the world.”



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She continued, “I want to share with you that I am the happiest woman in the world because my life is full of love, because together with the man of my dreams we are beginning to live the most beautiful stage of our lives: BE DADS; Since I knew that I will become a mother, I cannot stop imagining how I will look with my baby in my arms, never imagine feeling such a great emotion just knowing that from within me there is a seed that grows every day and the only thing that I ask God to be born safe and sound that his daddy I will take care of protecting him and training him all the love we have to give him.”

The beauty queen lives with her partner, the Paraguayan model Rodrigo Giménez and will soon get married to him.