Miss Universe Brazil 2022 Meet the Delegates

20 Jun 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Universe Brazil organization is all set to host the 2022 edition of the competition soon and has recently introduced the official candidates competing for the title of Miss Universe Brazil 2022. This year’s winner will succeed Miss Universe Brazil 2021 Teresa Santos to represent the country at Miss Universe 2022.



So, without any further ado, here are the 26 contestants competing for the crown of Miss Universe Brazil 2022 –

Luana Lobo representing Ceara

Juliana Melo representing Acre

Giovanna Grigolli representing Mato Grosso Do Sul

Shainne Borges representing Parana

Maria Eduarda Morais representing Rio Grande Do Norte

Phatricia Araujo representing Tocantis

Beatriz Ornela representing Para

Amanda Malaquias representing Bahia

Adrielle Pieve representing Sao Paulo

Camilla Gomida representing Goias

Lycia Ribeiro representing Amapa

Kalyana Machado representing Roraima

Ana Luiza Goncalves representing Pernambuco

Isadora Murta representing Minas Gerais


Miss Universe Brazil 2022 Meet the Delegates


Joyce Freitas representing Paraiba

Natalia Seipel representing Maranhao

Mia Mamede representing Espirito Santo

Eduarda Zanella representing Mato Grosso

Rebeca Portilho representing Amazonas

Jessyca Castro representing Piaui

Alina Furtado representing Rio Grande Do Sul

Esthefane Souza representing Rio De Janeiro

Fernanda Souza representing Santa Catarina

Ingrid Prata representing Sergipe

Kamila Coelho representing Rondonia

Nina Assis representing Distrito Federal

These 26 ladies were internally selected by every state organization be their representatives. The further process of selection will follow the following format –

Top 15

Selected state candidates have to submit a video sharing their stories for their speaking evaluation. The videos will be shared to the public and scores from this evaluation together with interview will determine the top 15.

Top 10

The top 15 candidates will have a second interview with a different set or judges than the previous round and these scores will determine the top 10.

Top 5

The top 10 candidates will have another interview and submit another video (content of which will be a surprise) to determine the top 5.


The top 5 will fly to Sao Paulo for in-person evaluations during which they’ll have different activities which will be shared in real time with the fans. The winner will be chosen.