Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 Wishlist: Dy Sorakheta

22 Jan 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 is all set to crown its new queen in the 4th edition of Miss Universe Cambodia as the search for the national delegates has started. The winner of the title will be representing Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020 and succeed Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 Somnang Alyna.

The delegates for the national pageant are yet to be revealed by the organization but wish lists are being prepared of the divas who have the potential and skills to win the title and represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020. Dy Sorakheta is one of the potential beauties whose name has made it to the wishlist for the national pageant.



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Dy Sorakheta is 26 years of age and stands 168 cm tall. She was adjudged the first runner-up at Miss Grand Cambodia 2018. Dy has emerged as one of the strongest candidates for the title not only because she has experience in the pageantry world but also because she has the potential, confidence and abilities to represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020.

Dy is a professional model and has worked for various photographers and designers. She loves to travel and explore places. Dy has always thanked people including her family and friends who have supported her in her journey and has mentioned that their immense love and support motivates her to a great extent where she wants to give her best and make everyone proud.



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Dy Sorakheta can emerge as the winner of the title of Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 because she is very close to her culture and proudly showcases her love for her country on social media. Dy also has very great communication and interview skills which can surly help her during the competition. Her experience in-front of the camera can help her boost her confidence on stage as she is already comfortable with modeling. She has a bewitching smile that can captivate your attention instantly and she has a sense of sheer elegance in her beauty which would help her to win the title if she decides to participate.

Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 will be a platform where the delegates would perform their best as they get to represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020 and Dy Sorakheta can be it. She has already left a huge mark on the audience when she participated in Miss Grand Cambodia 2018 that she has a huge fan following on social media and they constantly support their favorite for the title.