Khat Sreychan: From Miss Grand Cambodia 2020 to Miss Universe Cambodia 2020?

30 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Universe Cambodia will be hosting the grand finale for Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 soon where the selected delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown along with an opportunity to represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. The winner of the competition will succeed Miss Universe Cambodia 2019 Somnang Alyna.

The list of potential delegates who will be competing against one another for the title of Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 is still yet to be revealed by the organization but few names have been circling around as the potential candidate for the title. One of the names that has caught our attention is Khat Sreychan who recently represented the province of Kampong Chhnang at Miss Grand Cambodia 2020 few weeks ago.



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Khat is 24-years-old and stands 165 cm tall and seems like a potential candidate to represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She is a professional model who has always aspired to represent the home country at international stage. She is beautiful, strong, determined, and focused on performing her best at the competition and making her way to the Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 stage.

The diva was considered as one of the strongest contenders at Miss Grand Cambodia 2020 but unfortunately, she couldn’t win even though she was appreciated by the judges and the audience. She carries herself with utmost confidence and kindness which makes her a woman with positive and humble attitude. She even carries herself beautifully in traditional outfits as well. Khat’s charming personality just adds up to her positive and humble attitude.



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Khat is already working on her on-stage walk, postures, angels, and body language as she believes that these are the essential factors that a beauty queen is judged on during a competition. She has always expressed her love for her culture, traditions and values and the fact that she wants to represent Cambodia at international level. She has expressed her gratitude towards the organization of Miss Grand Cambodia who helped her to stay motivated and on her best self throughout the competition. She feels that the competition has helped her to understand not only the beauty pageants well but also her strengths and weakness which she is working on.

The diva could be a strong contender at Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 stage if she decides to participate. She also has been a great speaker at the competition which can surely help her to mark her standing at the competition.