Meet Sarah Genia Martens: The Philanthropist of Miss Universe Canada 2018

15 Aug 2018 | Camilla Suarez

The event finale of Miss Universe Canada 2018 is scheduled to happen on 18th August 2018 at John Bassett Theatre, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto. At the end of the finale, the reigning Miss Universe Canada 2017 Lauren Howe will crown her successor who will then go on to represent Canada in Miss Universe 2018 on 16th December 2018, in Thailand.

But before the event, in a series of features, Angelopedia has selected top 20 contestants who are most likely to win the pageant. Contestant number 15 is 26 years old Sarah Genia Martens from Mississauga, Ontario, who is one of our favourite contestants competing for the national title.


Meet Sarah Genia Martens: The Philanthropist of Miss Universe Canada 2018


Sarah is a Canadian model born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She first discovered her love for modelling when she was just 10 years old, though short-lived she never felt quite done with the industry. She has had many careers since then but somehow she always had the dream of modelling in her heart. Sarah was working a corporate job when she decided to give modeling- another shot. Her goal was to be signed with an agency in Toronto, and signed internationally thereafter. Not expecting things to move as quickly as they did, Sarah was signed in Toronto and within a month she was asked by an agency in Mumbai, India to fly out for a 3 month contract. She decided to take a huge leap and leave her full- time secure job to travel abroad and give her dream a proper chance. Though she was terrified of stepping outside of her comfort zone and risking a steady income she put her doubts aside and made a decision based off of faith. Since then Sarah has been modelling full-time and her last international contract was in Manila, Philippines which she just recently returned from.

Somewhere between being signed internationally and working in Toronto she re-evaluated her goals and asked herself why she was chasing this dream and what it was that she wanted to get out of it. Of course she found modelling to be a fun job and it has allowed her to travel and gain amazing experiences. But she realized if she become a successful model that that wouldn’t fulfill her on its own. She’s always cared deeply about others and she realized she wanted to build a platform to be able to inspire and encourage people.

Sarah decided to focus on an issue closest to her-intentional self-development. She chose this topic because she struggled most of her life with self-esteem and lack of purpose, and she believes by sharing her story she can inspire others to radically turn their lives around just as she did.


Meet Sarah Genia Martens: The Philanthropist of Miss Universe Canada 2018

(Photo Credits: Sarah Genia Martens Instagram Oficial)

Sarah is currently training to become a volunteer mentor with underprivileged youth through a program called StepStones For Youth. She also has workshops out on YouTube teaching others about self-improvement, emotional wellness, and life skills. Her long term goal is to have her own company as a life coach and to become an internationally known motivational speaker.

Sarah also has a background in Broadcast- Journalism and a passion for writing as well as creating documentaries. She plans to release a documentary on her personal testimony to encourage others and to write and publish her own motivational books.

Sarah gives everything one hundred percent and leaves the rest to God, she maintains that every big decision she’s made has been led by God and that is what has led her to this competition.

Text courtesy: Miss Universe Canada 2018 Official