Meet Sasha Lombardi: The Humanitarian of Miss Universe Canada 2018

15 Aug 2018 | Angelique Reyes

The event finale of Miss Universe Canada 2018 is scheduled to happen on 18th August 2018 at John Bassett Theatre, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto. At the end of the finale, the reigning Miss Universe Canada 2017 Lauren Howe will crown her successor who will then go on to represent Canada in Miss Universe 2018 on 16th December 2018, in Thailand.

But before the event, in a series of features, Angelopedia has selected top 20 contestants who are most likely to win the pageant. Contestant number 16 is 22 years old Sasha Lombardi from Toronto, Ontario, who is one of our favourite contestants competing for the national title.


Meet Sasha Lombardi: The Humanitarian of Miss Universe Canada 2018


Sasha is a graduate of the University of Toronto. She holds an Honour in Bachelor of Arts Degree specializing in Social Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Environmental Anthropology. She studied television and film production at Columbia College in Chicago and decided to pursue her lifelong interest in education. At present, she is completing a Bachelor of Education Degree and will soon be a certified teacher. Sasha is enthusiastic about applying her knowledge and skills to teaching children and enhancing their educational experience. Sasha created an initiative called The Givers Movement. She has worked all over the world with different non-profit organizations that are based on the mission of giving back. The Givers Movement is a network for selfless individuals in need of guidance to become active givers in their community and abroad. It is a link and pathway to non-profit organizations that match the skills and resources they have to offer. She has a passion for paying it forward that is part of her inherent character. Even as a young girl, Sasha received a Spirit Award for bridging the social divide amongst children with exceptionalities and their peers. Sasha imagines a world where we challenge ourselves and others to do one act of service per week or per day or per month, that is focused on giving back to someone less fortunate. Her advocacy includes the Salvation Army, SOS Children’s Village, Operation Smile, Good Shepherd and the SchoolBOX Indigenous Library Project.


Meet Sasha Lombardi: The Humanitarian of Miss Universe Canada 2018

(Photo Credits: Sasha Lombardi Instagram Official)

Sasha’s greatest personal mentors were her grandfather and equestrian coach. Her grandfather was an advocate for multiculturalism and was awarded The Order of Canada. Her coach was a two-time Canadian Olympic Equestrian. From them, she learned that great things are possible through hard work and determination. She learned to follow her dreams, never to forget her roots, and to always be humble and respectful. Sasha conducts workshops and presentations. She has a special connection with young girls, encouraging them to recognize their self-worth and individuality. She helps them navigate the powerful messages of media. She believes beauty is from within the heart.

Sasha is an educator, student, model, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Photography, scuba diving, tennis, swimming and hiking are how she unwinds and enjoys the outdoors. Sasha prioritizes nutrition, healthy cooking and fitness. She was a delegate in Miss Universe Canada 2017 and placed Top 10 Overall, Top 3 Best Body and, Best Hair. Her skills, personality, humanitarian work, public speaking, modelling for stage, studio and television; are combined to ensure that she would be an ideal representative for Canada on the Miss Universe Stage.

Text courtesy: Miss Universe Canada 2018 Official