All about Miss Universe Chile 2020 Daniela Nicolás

19 Feb 2021 | Ana Walia

Daniela Nicolás was crowned Miss Universe Chile 2020 on 21st November 2020 at the studio of Mediamix TV in Santiago, Chile. She succeeded Miss Universe Chile 2019 Geraldine González Martínez for the title and is preparing for the finale event.

Hailing from Copiapo´, Daniela is 28-years-old and is an actress, TV presenter and professional make-up artist who has starred in four soap operas. She is a member of the cast of the Chilevisión show “Gemelas.” She is a journalism and sign language student and is currently completing a diploma in business and retail. She is fond of beauty pageants and has always desired to represent Chile at international stage.

After being crowned as Miss Universe Chile 2020, Daniela took to her social media to express her happiness and mentioned, “Once again I was able to show that limits are set by oneself, and as I said yesterday in my final speech, being different does not make us less capable, on the contrary, being different fills us with tools that we can exploit and use to our advantage.” While giving her final speech at the finale, Daniela stated, “we live in a time where we embrace diversity. Culturally they have always told us what we should be or do, but today we have rewritten this based on an inclusive language where we are all participants.”



Daniela is new to the beauty pageant world but has worked as an actress in the television industry, she is aware about the environment of a set. She has worked with designers and brands in Chile which has helped her to gain some experience in the field of modelling and the diva wants to explore more of that and thus, she decided to participate in Miss Universe Chile 2020. She has acted in different Chilean series such as lop-up mom, free Cyprus, twins, among others. Since her crowning, she has been working hard and has managed to impress everyone with her confidence and determination towards winning.

The diva shared about suffering from autoimmune disease during the live session with other divas of Miss Universe 2020. She explained, it is a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. She explained that she has always been an active, happy, and self-confident person whose parents were very supportive towards her so she dedicated herself towards taking care of herself and getting good grades but was diagnosed with autoimmune disease in 2015. The disease affected her joints, muscles and some organs which was a point where she started to re-think everything.

Daniela mentioned that her journey from 2015 to today has helped her to transform herself into a new person who was very different from Daniela from six years ago. She later added that just like everyone else, she also asked herself questions like, ‘Why me?’ because she was a good person who was dedicated towards sports and only to being happy and making everyone around her happy. But Daniela mentioned that there was a time in her life when she said that it was enough, she was done being victim and accept things and embrace them.



The diva is an avid preacher of self-love and acceptance which she does through her social media account. She wants to use the platform given to her to be a voice for women who are made to feel that they don’t belong somewhere. She mentioned, "I can be whoever I want to be independent of my difficulties or of those voices that told me you cannot participate because of your physical abilities or these supposed standards of beauty. That is why I am here, because I want to show through my differences that this does not make us less capable.” She wants to empower women not only in Chile but all over the world and help them to be able to work hard for their dream. She is a volunteer of the Corporacio´n Anacroj, which helps more than 800 children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis from all over Chile.

The diva is very confident, strong, and determined towards her goal and is very grateful for the organization and the delegates who have uplifted her and helped her to stay motivated throughout the competition. She has assured that she will perform her best to make the people of Chile proud at Miss Universe 2020 and is emerging as one of the favorites for the title.