Miss Ireland 2021 applicant Blue Scannell leaves competition for ‘outdated’ rule over children

19 Feb 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Ireland 2021 aspirant Blue Scannell left the competition early after questioning one of its ‘outdated’ rules. The 19-year-old midwifery student who was in the running for the 2021 edition found herself second-guessing her decision after reading the Rules of Eligibility.

The rule says that in order to participate in Miss Ireland and Miss World as a whole, the participant must ‘have never given birth to a child’. Completely being against the rule, Blue wrote to the organizers herself sharing her views.

She wrote on her Twitter, “In the current climate we can agree that Ireland has not always sided with young mothers. But you have a great chance to show some amazing respect if you update your rules. I am also aware that the Rules of Eligibility for Entry are in accordance with Miss World. However, I think it takes one brave country to do what is right.”



However, Blue did not get the response she was expecting or hoping for. The organizers suggested to Blue that perhaps it would be best if she didn’t move forward in the competition. The email read, “How could you hold a title in something that you do not agree with?”

Blue said, “I just thought Miss Ireland would see that as well but they don’t, and they’ve basically asked me to walk away from the competition… it feels like they have said if I don’t agree and if it’s something that I feel this way about then “how could you really go ahead in a competition that you don’t agree with?”



“So it feels like I’ve been kind of asked to leave if I’d rather change to happen so, I will leave but I was hoping that further girls who would want to do it who have had children or given birth, that they could apply if they really wanted to”, she added.

Despite never giving birth herself, Blue decided to step away from the competition following her correspondence with the organisers. However, she also mentioned that she has nothing against the organizers and just wants them to reassure that one rule.