Celeste Viel crowned Miss Universe Chile 2023

14 Aug 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 15th edition of Miss Universe Chile was held on 13th August 2023 at the Hotel Radisson Blu, Santiago, Chile where Celeste Viel was crowned Miss Universe Chile 2023 as she became the official representative of Chile at Miss Universe 2023.

Celeste Viel, representing Comunidad Extranjera, was a fan-favourite for the crown ever since the beginning of the competition. Celeste Viel is 23 years of age and a public relations student, model, and health coach. In 2020, she obtained her health and wellness coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2021, she entered Florida International University in Miami to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communication arts.


Celeste Viel crowned Miss Universe Chile 2023


The newly crowned Miss Universe Chile 2023 Celeste Viel’s court included –

1st runner-up – Kristina Lie representing Puerto Varas

2nd runner-up – Magdalena Landshut representing Santiago

3rd runner-up – Amaya Butrón representing Rancagua     

4th runner-up – Carla Sánchez representing Antofagasta

Top 11 also included Catalina Pradenas (Chicureo), Gabriela Vásquez (Colina), Natia Tirachini (Chiloé), Karol Eberl (La Reina), Anais Godoy (Providencia) and Magdalena Cid (San Bernardo) while Top 18 also included Valeria González (Alto Hospicio), Indira Bravo (Arica), Camila Santander (Huechuraba), Arantza Bori (Iquique), Francisca Sembler (Las Condes), Carla Ossandon (Ovalle) and Martina Gaete (Viña del Mar).


Celeste Viel crowned Miss Universe Chile 2023


Also at the finale, Martina Gaete representing Viña del Mar won the Miss ImpactWayv          while Carla Ossandon, representing Ovalle, won the Miss Elegancia award. Magdalena Cid, representing San Bernardo, won the Top Model award.

Celeste succeeds and was crowned by Miss Universe Chile 2022 Sofia Depassier, who represented her country at Miss Universe 2022 and was awarded Miss Congeniality. The event was hosted by Miss Universe Colombia 2022 María Fernanda Aristizábal.