Laura Gonzalez speaks her mind out about her Question and Answer round!

19 Dec 2017 | Kanupriya Bhardwaj

Laura Gonzalez Ospina started her Miss Universe 2017 journey as a front-runner from the beginning. Her win was almost definite from the start, and why not? The way she presented her natural self and her infectious smile was the highlight of the competition. This diva has never failed to express her thoughts and ideas.

Recently, we saw her sharing her rigid stance on Gun Violence in a recent interview with PEOPLE CHICA magazine after the competition. This came in right after she was in the news for her answer about weapon control at the question round of Miss Universe 2017.

As asked by the host Steve Harvey about how she would explain Terrorism to a small child, Laura responded with sensitivity towards weapon control and more ownership of books, culture and love. She said, “If I had an opportunity to speak to a child, I would tell him that please your generation and my generation, we can’t be full of weapons. Please spread more books, more cultures, more friendships and more love.”

After the pageant, she shared her stance and defended herself by highlighting the importance of not instilling fear in the minds of children but creating agents of change. She countered, “A child that feels passionate about books, culture, sports, science —who finds his own passion— will stay far away from terrorism and weapons.”


Laura Gonzalez speaks her mind out about her Question and Answer round!

(Photo Credit: Instagram Official)

 For Laura, weapon control is all the more essential because of the damage that it has created in her homeland in the sixty years of civil war. She informed how difficult it is to own a gun in Colombia which requires very specific permit as the country is trying to reduce misconduct and violence.

There is no denying the fact that Laura is not just a beautiful face but also has a unique mindset of her own that she uses to broaden the horizons of other’s thinking.

Talking about her future plans, Laura revealed that she has always been very fond of acting and performing arts. She sees herself in the world of Hollywood. She revealed the same and how she is working hard on improving her fluency of the English language. It seems we have a new rising star in this quintessential queen and we are sure the people of Colombia and the Universe would have a blast watching her perform on the large screen soon.