Do you think Colombia will mark its win this year with Gabriela Tafur Náder?

15 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Colombian beauties have always dazzled in the Miss Universe pageant. With their journey and their outstanding performances in this International pageant, the Colombian beauties won 2 times since the pageant’s beginning, and being placed in the runners up mostly. And now, in the 68th edition of Miss Universe 2019 which is going to take place on December 8, 2019 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, we are hoping the best for Colombia.

Gabriela Tafur Náder is 24 years of age and was crowned Miss Universe Colombia 2019 on 13th November 2018. She will represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2019.


Do you think Colombia will mark its win this year with Gabriela Tafur Náder?


The diva is a Colombian model and is a lawyer, who graduated with a distinction from Universidad de los Andes and now could do an entrepreneurship with the University. She speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese languages. Gabriela stands tall at a height of 179 cm and is highly inspired by Michelle Obama. Being a determined and compassionate person, she sure had everything to win the crown.

The gorgeous diva is not just beautiful but also very smart and sensible. In her recent post, the diva expressed her gratitude and shared about the true sense of being a Miss Colombian beauty, she said, “Having known firsthand what it means to be the queen of Colombia, I can say, without fear of being mistaken, that our choice goes beyond being named as the most physically beautiful woman in Colombia (because surely we are not).”


Do you think Colombia will mark its win this year with Gabriela Tafur Náder?


According to the diva, Miss Colombia is a leader, who for a year raises her voice for the vulnerable, who uses her visibility to carry a message of hope and who through the example inspires thousands of girls to seek a more prosperous future. She believes that, the queen can and should, with her presence, her voice, her visibility and the love she gives to disadvantaged people, put herself at the service of the needs of the communities and work to manage a change, since the queen must be for and for the town.

“I have no more to say but THANK YOU. Thanks to the National Beauty Contest for waking up in me the woman eager to work for Colombia, thanks to my family, friends and loved ones for accompanying me in this process that helped me grow as a lawyer, as a philanthropist and as a person, and thanks to you, Colombian people, for giving me their unconditional love. I hope that my successor receives this responsibility and works hard to continue building a better Colombia. I want to share a final reflection: if you asked me again for three words that describe Colombia (as they did in the final question of last year's election and coronation evening), after having traveled my country for a year and If I could finally get to know it in depth, I would reiterate that Colombia is HAPPINESS, that Colombia is PASSION, and that Colombia is PEACE, because despite continuing to seek it, no one can take away our hope of dreaming of a country where love - and not war - prevails in all human relationships and where dialogue - and not weapons - is the most powerful tool to achieve it ”, the diva said.


Do you think Colombia will mark its win this year with Gabriela Tafur Náder?


Gabriela is now all ready to perform and take her advocacies at the grand stage of Miss Universe 2019. She is all overwhelmed and honored to do the best as Miss Colombia and represent it in the most highly way at Miss Universe 2019. We believe that she is a strong contender and will surely give a tough competition at this International pageant.

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