Shirly Karvinen of Finland competes for the Miss Universe 2016 title

05 Jan 2017 | Angelopedia

Finland’s ambassador for Miss Universe is the gorgeous and stunning Shirly Karvinen. She has her eyes on this year’s sterling crown, which Pia Alonz Wurtzbach will pass on to her successor on 30th January’ 2017 in Manila, the Philippines. With her fans hoping that she would win, do you think she will succeed in taking on the competition posed by delegates from all over the world who are vying for the title of Miss Universe 2016? Take a look at some exciting facts about this stunner...

Shirly Karvinen of Finland competes for the Miss Universe 2016 title

The 24 year old delegate from Finland, Shirly Karvinen, is a gorgeous and confident. She stands at an astounding height of 5’ 7” and is ready to touch victory with her hard work, persistence, and determination. The beauty hails from Oranjestad. She grew up as a single child in the family in Africa and moved to Finland at the age of seven in pursuit of good education. The beauty reminisces her childhood days when she grew insecure because of bullying and only after moving to the capital she saw a broader perspective to life. 
The charmer has completed her studies with a degree in Applied Sciences, she interned at the Embassy of Finland in Washington D.C., after which she got job at the Ministry of foreign affairs in Finland. The strong and powerful character and humble nature of this gorgeous beauty reflects in her poise and pleasing personality. 
Do you think she can be the one to get crowned as Miss Universe 2016 at the upcoming gala of the beauty pageant which is being awaited with so much enthusiasm and interest all over the world? Tell us what you think!

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