Meet the Contestants of Miss Universe Finland 2024

08 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

As the anticipation builds for the prestigious Miss Universe Finland 2024 pageant, 20 stunning and talented finalists have been announced. The event, set to culminate in a grand finale on September 14, promises to be a spectacular showcase of beauty, poise, and cultural pride. The winner will have the honor of representing Finland at the 73rd Miss Universe competition this November in Mexico.

This year's finalists come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique charm and ambition to the competition. Among them are university students, entrepreneurs, models, and influencers, all vying for the coveted crown. Their journey has been marked by rigorous preparation, including personal development workshops, fitness training, and mastering the art of public speaking.



Below are the 20 Stunning Contestants :

Tiia Aalto

Viivi Nguyen

Sara Hyytiäinen

Nora Kosonen

Matilda Wirtavuori

Sonja Säde Helmi H

Hilla Kortetjärvi

Helsinki safijealili

Carita Barsk

Amanda Hakalax



Sara Rusi

Emilia vilhelmiiina

Emma Sofia Immonen

Miisa Lappalainen

Meri Turunen

Emma Lahtanin

Nelli Auriola

Francesca Elisabeth

Roosa Tuominen


The pageant's theme this year is "Empowerment and Elegance," reflecting the evolving role of beauty queens as role models and advocates for positive change. As the finalists prepare for the final showdown, their journey continues to inspire many across Finland, showcasing not just their outer beauty but also their inner strength and resilience.

The Miss Universe Finland 2024 competition promises to be a memorable event, celebrating the richness of Finnish culture and the incredible talent of these young women.

Who will capture the crown and represent Finland on the global stage? The excitement builds as we await the crowning of the next Miss Universe Finland.