Haiti’s Eden Berandoive to wear first black republic inspired national costume at Miss Universe 2020

12 May 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

The Miss Universe organization is all set to host the national costume competition which will take place on Thursday, 13th May 2021 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, Florida. The competition is a separate part of the pageant and doesn’t count towards contestants’ overall scores. The 2020 batch of delegates will showcase their traditional costumes reflecting their respective countries’ culture and traditions.

Miss Universe Haiti 2020 Eden Berandoive recently revealed her national costume for the competition, which is inspired by two key elements of the history of the first black republic, the National Coat of Arms, and the Citadel Laferriere. The idea was curated by the national director of Miss Haiti Organization, Desir Sabine, and is designed by Minokan Mode Design, who describes the costume as a message for the rest of the world.



The National Coat of Arms of the costume is the flag's representation of Haiti's dignity and sovereignty. They consist of a palm kernel surmounted by a Phrygian cap, guns, and three flags arranged perpendicular and symmetrically to the sides of the tree. A drum at the feet of the latter has at its sides a bugle, cannonballs, and an anchor and in the two-tone a ribbon with the national currency and other elements: chains, bugles, axes.

The Citadel Laferriere is a historical monument located in Milot, about 15 km south of Cap Haitien, in the Historic National Park, which is 900 meters above sea level, worthy of being the 8th wonder of the world. It was built in 1804 by King Henry I after independence with the intervention of 20,000 men and women to defend the northern part of Haiti against the possible return of the colonizers. This is the largest fortress in the Caribbean, the sepulchre of King Henry 1st in which we housed large reservoirs and warehouses, dungeons, bakery ovens, and a palace for the king of the time and his family. The Citadelle Laferrière or Citadelle Henry Christophe, World Heritage, Haitian pride, an extraordinary tourist destination.



The designed Minokan adds that the national costume is a reminder for Haitians of their history, their origin, and above all the necessity to rediscover this union which made the community of Haiti stronger in the past to restore the image of the country.

Eden is passionate about dance and modelling and is a strong and determined woman who, despite the difficulties of her past, fights to make her dreams come true. The diva is a survivor of sexual assault and abuse. She is a voice to other victims of rape and abuse and hopes to give others the courage to break free from their solitude and grow into strong, confident individuals.

The beauty queen is currently in Florida at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel with other delegates and preparing herself for the competition which is just a few days away. The divas have been participating in various activities and Eden has surely made an impression on the audience by being one of the strongest contenders for the title.