A New Franchise Holder for Miss Universe Haiti

18 May 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe Haiti is under new management as Mr. Chris Puesan from Dominican Republic, announced his acquisition of the Miss Universe license for the country Haiti, after a long negotiation process which was successfully concluded on March 25’ 2016 with the reception of the physical agreement.

He took his official Facebook account to spread the news. He (Mr. Puesan) posted and also promised by stating that "we intend to prove (it) by performing a palpable change in the brand miss universe Haiti. I want to thank in a special way each and every one of those people that during the course of the day made me get by different means, words of support and congratulations."

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A New Franchise Holder for Miss Universe Haiti


He further added - "The National search will cover the 4. Cardinal points and once selected the finalists we shall proceed to 2 National Gala full of culture, talent and desire to make things right."

"A big thank you to the miss universe organization and its directors, and wme img for the vote of confidence placed in the thinking of us and give us the opportunity to promote and manage your brand. We still have a lot to be done but you can be sure of what every step taken will be done with passion, dedication and professionalism how we have characterized." - Mr. Chris Puesan posted.

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Now the newly established organization, which is lead by Mr. Chris Puesan, has acquired the rights to produce national beauty pageants in Haiti and to send its delegate to the esteemed Miss Universe pageant.

The selection of Miss Universe Haiti 2016 will take place on August 27, 2016 at Port Au Prince, Haiti, wherein Lisa Drouillard Miss Universe Haiti 2015 will crown her successor.

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