Miss Universe Ireland 2017 Events & Activities

30 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

The finale of Miss Universe Ireland 2017 is scheduled to be held on August 31' 2017 at in the Round Room of the Mansion House. The contestants are making the best use of the opportunity to get ready for the final night. The finalists of the contests have started preparing for the night by indulging in rigorous gymming sessions and workout. They want to present themselves at their best during the finals to clinch the coveted title.

Recently, we saw the contestants doing kickboxing and all sorts of adventure sports to remain fit and equipped for the contest. They are being trained by the experts and are given some important tips to remain energetic and healthy.

The finalists also attended makeup and hair care sessions to make everything go in their favour when they step out on the stage. The finalists also received some of the amazing tricks to maintain the beauty and charm throughout the pageant.

Some of the finalists also visited the Crumlin Hospital to meet the children. They all met the kids with love and also shared some great moments. One of the finalists said, “One of the most inspiring, emotional and lifting days I've ever had! To every beautiful boy and girl, I got to play with I wish all my prayers that they all make it home? Win or lose next week I feel like a winner in myself that I've had the opportunity to return to Crumlin hospital today!

At the end of the day Miss Universe should be someone who can put a smile on so many faces and make them feel confident and with our little catwalk in the wards today I really believe we done this! They are still keeping up the amazing work they do at Crumlin and my family and I will always continue to love and support the team! "

With it, the beauties have also been given training for the catwalk, great stage presence and public speeches to get all decked up for the upcoming events. The winner of the Miss Universe Ireland 2017 will represent her country in the Miss Universe 2017 pageant slated to be held later this year.


Miss Universe Ireland 2017 Events & Activities