Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Top 6 Hot Picks

22 Jul 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Ireland 2019 is all set to host its grand coronation night on 1st August 2019 where gorgeous beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Ireland in Miss Universe 2019.

While all the contestants have shown tremendous potential, there are a few who have stood out from the rest with their enchanting performances and mesmerising aura. Here are our favourites, in no particular order, for the national title from the twenty eight delegates competing for Miss Universe Ireland 2019 –

Sophie Amelia

Sophie is a bubbly, honest, and hardworking woman that epitomizes the brand of Miss Universe Ireland 2019. Not new to the pageantry, she was a TOP 10 Finalist at Miss Universe Ireland 2017. With all that she overcame in her recent life after a spinal correction surgery, Sophie is the example of perseverance and grace. Overcoming the biggest obstacle of her life, she now feels stronger than ever and will definitely shine through in this contest as well.


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Top 6 Hot Picks


Dearbhla Walsh

Dearbhla Walsh is the official delegate of Miss Universe Ireland 2019. This experienced former titleholder, Miss Northern Ireland, is very passionate about pageantry because she loves being a role model to younger girls. She loves the Miss Universe sisterhood bonds that are built with the other women and loves how the contestants support each other. She believes that women should build each other up, not knock each other down. With all her intelligence, experience and beauty, she will definitely be a strong competition.


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Top 6 Hot Picks


Kaylyn McGrath

Kaylyn McGrath is the official delegate of Miss Universe Ireland 2019. An accomplished musician,she has been singing and playing the piano since she was 5 years old. She has raised money for different causes including taking part in local voluntary productions of “Les Misérables” and “Oliver Twist”, which travelled to Manchester and Dublin raising thousands for her local Mayo Hospice. She is also a member of a local choir which has organized numerous concerts and events to raise money for the restoration of her local cathedral, for her local schools, and her local Saint Vincent de Paul organisation. Her ambition to something for the community has driven her to do so much till now, a quality that a Miss Universe must possess.


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Top 6 Hot Picks


Qichen Hu

Qichen Hu is currently a part-time Model and a full-time college student at DCU majoring in Environmental Science and Health. She is determined to use her education to learn the skills necessary to do her part to combat one of the biggest issues she feels humanity faces right now, which is Climate Change. She also believes it only takes one person to make a difference in the world. With her sincerity and dedication, Qichen will be another one to look out for at the competition.


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Top 6 Hot Picks


Tracey Coll

Tracey Coll is currently studying Exercise, Health, and Fitness at the University of Limerick. After she finishes her degree, she hopes to do masters in Exercise and Sport Science as she aims to be able to help and encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle. The gorgeous Rugby star has used her passion for fitness to dominate the pitch. She played against the first ever women’s Barbarian team. She is encouraged and touched by the incredible volunteers around the city of Limerick that spend every evening looking out for people in need. These volunteers have saved the lives of so many in Limerick and the work they do is incredible. Having achieved so much, Tracey will definitely be a strong competition.


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Top 6 Hot Picks


Aoife Marie Carty

Aoife Marie Carty is currently studying to earn her bachelor’s degree in Business and Management at Maynooth University. After graduation, her ambition is to start her own Irish business either in the cosmetics or clothing industry. She wants to be her own boss and a self-made entrepreneur. Aoife believes that her creativity, enthusiasm, and diligence will aid her in achieving this goal and she hopes to have achieved this all within the next ten years. Aoife is definitely a strong competition in this year’s edition.


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Top 6 Hot Picks

(Photo Credits: Miss Universe Ireland Official)