Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Meet the Contestants

06 Jul 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Ireland 2019 is all set to host its grand coronation night on 1st August 2019 where thirty gorgeous Irish beauties will compete for the national crown and become the official representative of Ireland in Miss Universe 2019. The winner will succeed and be crowned by Miss Universe Ireland 2018 Grainne Gallanagh.

Here are the delegates competing for the title of Miss Universe Ireland 2019 -


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Meet the Contestants


Aoife Marie Carty

Aoife Marie Carty is currently studying to earn her bachelor’s degree in Business and Management at Maynooth University. Aoife believes that her creativity, enthusiasm, and diligence will aid her in achieving this goal and she hopes to have achieved this all within the next ten years. Alongside her own successful business, she wants to manage her own charity organisation to give back and to help the Irish community.

Tracey Coll

Tracey Coll is currently studying Exercise, Health, and Fitness at the University of Limerick. When she is a qualified health professional, she aims to be able to help and encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle. Currently, as a Fitness Instructor, she gets so much joy out of helping others feel healthy, happy, and confident.

Melanie Delaney

Returning to Miss Universe Ireland 2019, Melanie was Top 5 finalist in Miss Universe Ireland 2018. An ambitious, compassionate, and outgoing woman, Melanie is an Oncology Pharmaceutical Technician, at St. Vincent's Private Hospital where she makes chemotherapy for patients undergoing cancer treatment.


Alix just finished her second year as a business student at UCD while she concurrently works in the finance department as an Administrator and Accounts Assistant for an insurance company. She is very passionate about organizations that support women in sport.

Hollie Hersey

Hollie Hersey is a multi-talented Fashion supervisor for Hugo Boss and a musician that can play the piano, flute, and guitar. Throughout her life, she has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks but was able to overcome what could have been a crippling condition. This enabled her to realize and pursue her life ambitions.


Lynley has a Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and is currently working on the social work team at Musgrave Hospital. Her career ambition is to be a Clinical Psychologist Doctorate where she hopes to make a difference in people’s lives.

Katie O’Donoghue

Katie O’Donoghue recently completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in French and Economics at University College Cork and would like to pursue a diploma or similar qualification in Digital Marketing with the hopes of eventually working for a Global company, promoting the brand and developing new ideas for the firm.

Megan O'Malley

Megan O'Malley wrote and performed in her first original play in January 2018. It was called HOME and dealt with the eighth amendment and sexual consent. It has not been, however, an easy road for Megan to feel comfortable on stage. She spent years feeling ashamed of her appearance. But she is dedicated to her craft and once lived in a room with no windows, so she could pursue acting and modeling. After self-reflection, Megan now sees herself as confident and beautiful. She wants to share her story and help other women overcome their lack of self-confidence.

Peace Olaniyi

Peace Olaniyi is a fun and creative woman who works as an Architectural Technologist at Modubuild Kilkenny utilising her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Technology.

Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham has a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies and is currently completing a MSc in Communication and Public Relations with Advertising - both from Ulster University. 


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Meet the Contestants



Shona is a bubbly and positive primary school teacher aims to teach her children to the best of her ability and to have them leave her year happy and optimistic about future possibilities. Shona works hard to teach 30+ students everyday and give them all equal attention.


Qichen is currently a part-time Model and a full-time college student at DCU majoring in Environmental Science and Health. She is determined to use her education to learn the skills necessary to do her part to combat one of the biggest issues she feels humanity faces right now, which is Climate Change.

Karen McShea

Karen McShea is an outgoing, positive, and caring woman who works as a qualified beautician and makeup artist. She has ambitions of finding success in the modelling industry and using the connections to build her own business running a makeup studio.

Kaylyn McGrath

Kaylyn McGrath is an accomplished musician that has been singing and playing the piano since she was 5 years old. She states her strongest talent is having a good ear for picking up music and being able to play piano from memory.

Adrienne Mullen

Adrienne Mullen is a multi-talented woman who loves to sing, play guitar, model, swim, and be creative. She has even auditioned for the X Factor, which she claims to be the craziest thing she has ever done. She has a soft spot for children’s charities which is derived from her own life experience.

Jojo Quinn

Jojo Quinn is a brave, considerate, and positive woman who works as a model and loves to dance and act. She is extremely proud of the fact that she stopped self-harming herself three years ago. It was a very difficult thing for her to overcome as it was her coping mechanism when things got difficult.

Niamh Myles

Niamh Myles comes from a farming background and has a passion for animals including hosting hens, ducks, dogs, and a micro pig! She graduated a 2:1 degree in 2016 with a Bachelor of International Arts in Economics and Portuguese.

Jane Hannah

Jane Hannah is a sailing instructor at the Lough Derg Yacht Club and loves to be out on the Irish Sea. She has won many sailing regattas, Nationals, and has achieved the most improved sailor award in the Worlds.


Miss Universe Ireland 2019 Meet the Contestants

(Photo Credits: Miss Universe Ireland Instagram Official)

Angelique Kilgallon

Angelique Kilgallon is an inspiring entrepreneur that is hoping to set up a business that will be involved in the beauty industry. She feels that people don't understand the concept of why women wear makeup. She believes it is for confidence and for feeling beautiful in your own skin and body.


is currently studying psychology and criminal justice at the University of Limerick. So far, she has completed 3 years and absolutely loves the course. She thinks it really suits her as she is very interested in learning about the complex workings of our minds and the motivations behind our behaviour.

Ciara Mulligan

Ciara Mulligan is a final year student of B.Sc. Business and Law at TU Dublin, Ciara, is working to qualify as a lawyer and is employed as a future trainee solicitor at Matheson. The social cause that means the most to her is the protection of young people from domestic abuse in their home.

Dearbhla Dolan

Dearbhla Dolan is studying Optometry in TUD with hopes of opening her own practice after graduation. In addition, she wants to spend her post graduate time and newly acquired training to volunteer in developing countries by providing people with eye exams and glasses.

Fionng Huala

Fionng Huala is a determined, self-proclaimed military ‘brat,’ who has never lived anywhere longer than 3 years in a row until she attended university. She has a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University, which she has used to become a Director of the NASA Space Apps Challenge and a NASA Datanaut.

Kira Coyne

Kira Coyne is currently attending college at the Waterford Institute of Technology, studying business. Growing up Kira suffered from a lisp and was bullied in primary school for it. While that seems like a very young age, the bullying has impacted her greatly when it came to speaking publicly. Over the years, she worked extremely hard and learned how to overcome it by teaching herself how speak clearly and correctly. Now, she is a lot more comfortable with public speaking, and is no longer worried about it.

Dearbhla Walsh

Dearbhla Walsh is an experienced former titleholder, Miss Northern Ireland, is so passionate about pageantry because she loves being a role model to younger girls – “showing them to be confident in every facet of their lives and that they can reach the stars.”


Nadia uses her bubbly personality to make a daily difference while working at Pips Charity as a Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Youth Training Facilitator. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Queens University and a Master of Applied Psychology & Mental Health Therapies.

Sophie Amelia

Sophie Amelia was a Top 10 Finalist at Miss Universe Ireland 2017 and is a bubbly, honest, and hardworking woman that epitomizes the brand.

Rebecca Alana

Rebecca Alana is a creative, organized, and motivated kindergarten teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Teaching and Learning. Her long-term career ambition is to work for Apple Education, training other teachers on how to use technology in the classroom.