All about Miss Universe Italy 2020 Viviana Vizzini

14 Jan 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj



Miss Universe Italy organization, on 21st December 2020, crowned Viviana Vizzini as Miss Universe Italy 2020 and became the official representative of Italy at Miss Universe 2020. She succeeds Miss Universe Italy 2019 Sofia Marilù Trimarco. The finale was held following the government restrictions imposed due to the pandemic in the Gold Television Studios, behind closed doors and with the only presence of the jury.

The 27-year-old Viviana was born in Caltanissetta and currently lives in Milan for work reasons. She is a model and influencer by profession. She holds a diploma in Accounting and is close to graduating in Communication Sciences and Digital Marketing. Viviana entered the fashion world at the age of 16 and has walked for several brands since then.



Viviana believes that she is a dreamer who has many dreams and she works hard to make them come true. She dreams of being a happy, fulfilled and successful woman. Viviana bested thirty-five other contestants to win the national crown.

However, Viviana did not expect to be elected Miss Universe Italy 2020. "The day before I was in tears, I alternated moments of joy with moments of discouragement, but then the moments of joy won, the strength inside me won, the strength not to give up won!” she said.



For Viviana, the most difficult test was with herself, getting involved again after so many years with beautiful girls and younger than she is. She brought her experience, her desire to dream and the strength to never give up to the competition.

“Even today I wake up every now and then in the morning and still don't believe it. I'll have to go to Vegas to compete for the title with other wonders of the world. I know the weight and the value of representing Italy in the world. My heart trembles for this responsibility! I know how tough the competition is, but this will be an extra stimulus for me”, she said on her participation at Miss Universe.



Viviana is really excited and happy to represent Italy at Miss Universe. Viviana wants to say this to all her fellow contestants that one should never give up and always fight for their dreams. “In life, I have also found myself in uncomfortable situations, but I have learned that no one can make you feel bad or unsuitable if you don't allow them. Always have the desire to dream and the strength to never give up despite everything and everyone”, she believes.