Jamaica’s Zandrea Bailey passes away after a long battle with Lupus

14 Jan 2019 | Irina Silva

Miss Universe Jamaica 2014 finalist Zandrea Bailey passed away this morning after a long battle with Lupus. She died this morning in a New York hospital where she had been admitted for the past several weeks.

Being diagnosed with Lupus in 2012, Zandrea fought a long hard battle. Unfortunately, her mother, who also dealt with the same disease passed away in 2014, the same year Zandrea was adjudged as the finalist in Miss Universe Jamaica 2014. Though Zandrea placed sixth in the competition, she left an imminent impression through her vibrant personality and drive to advocate for lupus in Jamaica. On her mission, she established the Sydlyn Bailey Lupus Foundation in honour of her mother.


Jamaica’s Zandrea Bailey passes away after a long battle with Lupus


After being diagnosed, Zandrea wanted to show the world that “even though you have lupus and even though you're gonna be sick, you could still do what you're passionate about, and she was passionate about being a model.” Her close friend Jade McLaren who stayed with her throughout her journey talked about her foundation as well, “She used the foundation to reach out to other girls who also suffered from lupus. Some she helped financially, others just emotionally. She knew what they were going through, and she was able to help them by talking to them and letting them know they were not alone.

All over the pageantry, Bailey’s close friends and family are mourning her loss as a kind and giving spirit. Angelopedia sends its prayers to the family and friends to find strength in this hard time and be each other’s support.