Miss Universe Kenya 2021 Top 3 Hot Picks

30 Oct 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Kenya is all set to hold its 2021 edition of the Miss Universe Kenya pageant today, i.e., 30 October, 2021 where delegates from all over the country will compete to get the coveted crown and an opportunity to represent Kenya at the international stage. The winner who will best the other 8 delegates will succeed Miss Universe Kenya 2019 Stacy Michuki to the title.

What began as the Top 10 finalists has come down to remaining nine, as one of the contestants withdrew last minute citing personal reasons. While all the nine contestants shine bright and have been terrific with their stint at the pageant, these delegates have come out as one of the strongest potential contenders for the title of Miss Universe Kenya 2021. So, without any further ado, here are our Top 3 favourites for Miss Universe Kenya 2021 –

Roshanara Ebrahim

Roshanara is one of the popular choices among the audience and rightly so, the curly haired beauty is enigmatic and can charm anyone with her smile. She graduated in law and is a practicing mindfulness coach at the moment. Author of a beautiful book, ‘Beyond The Darkness’, Roshanara is known for her work in the healing industry.



Deborah Asiko

Asiko has come to the forefront as one of the strongest contenders as she has a petite yet strong disposition. She graduated from UON (University of Nairobi) and is a model by profession. Asiko loves to pose for the camera and knows how to hold its gaze with her presence. One can feel her power through her strong postures in her pictures.



Maren Clera

One of the frontrunners for the title of Miss Universe Kenya 2021 is Maren Clera. Boasting of a strong personality, this Kenyan beauty queen is the managing director of a Nairobi based modelling agency and wears multiple hats both creatively and professionally. She has a love for writing and follows her passion through scriptwriting and poetry. Theatre is one of her favourite art forms too. Maren is definitely someone to look out for at the pageant today.



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