Miss Universe Kosovo 2020 Meet the Delegates

30 Jul 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Albania Organization, which holds the license to crown Miss Universe Kosovo along with Miss Universe Albania, is all set to host the annual edition where stunning beauties will compete for the crown and the opportunity to represent Kosovo at Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Kosovo 2019 Fatbardha Hoxha will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

The organization revealed seven stunning beauties who show tremendous potential and make for a strong batch this year. So, without further ado, here are the gorgeous beauties competing for Miss Universe Kosovo 2020 –

Shkurtesa ‘Tutti’ Sejdiu

Tutti believes in the quote, "To pursue a dream means to live it, and it is never too late to take a step towards it."

Her name is Shkurtesa but her friends know her as Tutti. She got this nickname as a gift from her uncle when she was very young because she used to say "tuta or tuti" and as a joke. She lives with her sisters and parents whose support has been her biggest strength. She likes to travel, read, acting, make-up, fashion and psychology.

Alba Rama

Alba believes in the quote, “I dare to fight for what I want." The purpose of Alba’s life is to be happy. To her beauty comes from within and is what touches hearts, not eyes. She believes there are so many things to identify as beautiful; demeanor, simplicity, ingenuity, politeness and elegance. She grew up in a family that has taught her many valuable things about life.

She studies economics because she likes the business world. Her passion for modeling has helped her a lot to find herself. “The reason why I participate in this competition is because I am physically and emotionally ready to represent this title and give my best where I need to”, she says.


Miss Universe Kosovo 2020 Meet the Delegates


Blerta Veseli

Blerta believes in the quote, “The individual power of each can bring about change in the community." Born in Gjilan, Blerta now lives in Prishtina. She has a passion for Ballet and has participated in many shows since her childhood. She is studying Architecture which has been her passion. “I have been part of the Ministry of Infrastructure for a certain time. I am also a person who loves animals very much, I had a cat and a hamster. I have also participated in many fashion events as a guest and as a catwalk model, most recently appearing in Turkey”, she says as he describes herself.

Arta Osmani

Negrita Kastrati

Negrita is a 18-year-old girl from Peja, a city in western Kosovo. She describes herself as a sweet and kind girl as she says, “I am a sweet, brunette girl, as is also my own name which is the Italian name Negrita or Negro as well as the candies that have a wonderful taste. I am sociable, smiling, trustworthy, honest, modest and respectful.” Her self-confidence will definitely be advantageous for her in the competition.   

Elhame Avdiu

Romantika Bardheci

Romantika Bardheci believes in the quote, “My strongest point is sincerity, because sincerity reflects the face of the soul.” Romantika is guided by love and sincerity which she has learned from her parents. “My parents have given me the most precious lessons in life: to be faithful, simple, loving, helpful, to be ambitious to achieve my goals in life but without hurting anyone”, she says.

Last year, Miss Universe Kosovo 2019 Fatbardha Hoxha competed in Miss Universe 2019 but unfortunately failed to place in the Top 20. The country is yet to pioneer its win in Miss Universe pageant.