Marigona Krasniqi withdraws from Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 pointing at unfair means of winning

11 Jun 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The coronation ceremony for Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 will be held soon where the delegates will compete for the national title as well as an opportunity to represent Kosovo at Miss Universe 2021 stage. Blerta Veseli, who represented Kosovo at Miss Universe 2020, will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

With the names of potential candidates showing up as they confirm their participation, one of the names that was circling around for the pageant was Marigona Krasniqi, who was acclaimed as the ideal choice for representing the country at the Miss Universe stage.



A post shared by @officialmarigonakrasniqi


To everyone’s shock, a few hours ago, Marigona took to her social media to clarify that she will no more be a part of the competition. Coming from a diva who has always desired to be a representative of Kosovo at Miss Universe stage, the news has disappointed a lot of pageant fans.

The reason why she will not participate is simple as she wrote, “the crown was bought and it hurts me that miss universe does not send deserving girls and this fact is supported by all.” She also mentioned how everyone knows the truth but keeps quiet. “Us women, we are leaders and we should empower others to speak up. Instead, all I can say is injustice always wins. Thanks for the support and courage but I prophesy to be honest,” she added.

It has become necessary for Kosovo to send their best divas to the Miss Universe and to secure a good rank, as they started very strong when they debuted under the command of Fadil Berisha, but eventually they disappeared from the map of winning streaks. This year, Marigona was supported by a lot of pageant followers as she displays a stunning personality along with her striking features.



A post shared by @officialmarigonakrasniqi


With these statements she has confirmed that she is not going to Miss Universe Kosovo but at least, for her supporters, she gave out a reason to understand the truth and stood up for what she believes in, “Beauty is a choice. The sincerity and happiness that you always strive to present in your heart for yourself and others, will always radiate to the face. That is true beauty.” With her stunning beauty, height, and her confidence, she would have been an ideal delegate to represent Kosovo with absolute sincerity and dedication.