Tatiana Saroufim for Miss Universe Lebanon 2020 crown?

02 Apr 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Lebanon Organization will be hosting the coronation night for Miss Lebanon 2020 in December 2020 where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown and a position to represent Lebanon at Miss Universe 2020 pageant. The pageant will be conducted in the form of reality show. Miss Universe Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy will crown her successor by the end of event finale.

With Wishlist being prepared for the competition, we think Tatiana Saroufim is a potential candidate to represent Lebanon at Miss Universe 2020 stage. Tatiana is not new to the pageantry as she was adjudged as the fourth runner-up at the Miss Lebanon 2018. She is a successful TV host, actress and a professional model who has pursued her career in Radio TV at NDU. As part of her study courses, she filmed, directed and edited short movies.



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Tatiana was considered as one of the strongest contenders at the pageant of Miss Lebanon 2018 but unfortunately couldn’t win the title. But this year, the diva has prepared well and is all set to represent Lebanon at Miss Universe 2020. She is very passionate about fashion and modelling and it shows in her work she has done.

The diva has worked with various renowned brands and designers in Lebanon and walked on-stage and earned experienced and knowledge about beauty pageants. She has been a quick learned and very keen listener to the people she has worked with. She can adapt to things quickly and change according to the situations.

Being a TV presenter, Tatiana doesn’t fear the stage or camera but is working on her communication and interview skills so that she is all set for the competition. She has been blessed with many opportunities in her life and she takes them very seriously and works very hard for them. She has been working on her on-stage walk, confidence, maintaining herself for the competition and skills that she feels is needed to work on for the competition.



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The diva who has already been a part of international stage before and is aware of the pressure and things that happen on stage is preparing herself for the same. With such ease and confidence, this beautiful looking delegate surly can represent Lebanon at Miss Universe 2020 pageant. She has mentioned a special thank you to everyone who has been kind and compassionate towards her and her goals to be a beauty queen.

Tatiana is very proud of her culture, values and traditions and if she gets a chance to represent Lebanon at Miss Universe 2020 stage, she would like to show what Lebanon is from her eyes. We believe that she can be a front-runner for the competition and might also have a great chance at winning Miss Universe 2020.