Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Francisca Luhong James calls out cyber bullies

20 May 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Internet can be an enlightening, enriching space, but it can also be a space for cruel trolling and Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 Francisca Luhong James has become the recent victim of the other side of the internet. She experienced an overboard situation when someone labelled her as a ‘Nude’ model under her name on her Wikipedia page.

Francisca took to her social media to call out cyber bullies like these as she addressed the issue, she wrote, “You guys really have nothing to do?? What is this? Why do you have to do this and lock this information?? Any benefits you get from doing this? Have I done anything wrong to you or your family? I think I have been through this enough. #stopcyberbulyinig



A furious outrage by Francisca was the utmost need to sermonize the situation as she stood up and spoke for herself. Being representing the country for months now, Miss Universe Malaysia is a title of honor and Francisca’s decision to fight against the bullying was the need of the hour.

During the recently conclude Miss Universe 2020 competition, many delegates faced the issue of cyber bullying and internet trolling and like Francisca, Canada’s Nova Stevens openly called out the racists comments that were made on her posts.

The topic was also discussed in one of the Up-front roundtable discussion video officially released by the Miss Universe organization. On the eve of the 69th Miss Universe Competition in Hollywood, Florida, several candidates of the prestigious pageant took to social media and appealed to pageant fans to stop the hate and cyberbullying. Some of the candidates who appeared in the video include Miss Philippines Rabiya Mateo, Miss Canada Nova Stevens, Miss Argentina Alina Akselrad, and Miss Denmark Amanda Petri.



Be it their appearances, dressing styles, color, culture, practices or just simple existence, trolls or bullies leave no corner to jump onto these contestants with their cyber stunts like these. Miss Universe as an organization and through individual delegates promotes the message of love and spreading support irrespective of any invaluable factors.

These queens who have faced a lot of criticism throughout their journey have come out stronger than ever with their positivity and the support around them. The love they receive triumphs over these bullies and trolls. They radiate power and promote love which is why these divas are representing billions of people from their countries at a global stage to foster the dream of a better world.