Maythe Varzoni to represent Mato Grosso at Miss Grand Brazil 2021

20 May 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Grand Brazil 2021 is all set to host it’s contestants for this year’s national competition on October 12th 2021 in Paulista, where delegates from all over the country will compete for the title. Lala Guedes Miss Grand Brazil 2020 will crown her successor at the end of the event and the winner will later represent Brazil at Miss Grand International 2021.

Maythe Varzoni was crowned Miss Grand Mato Grosso 2021 a few hours ago. She was crowned in an intimate ceremony, in the loving memory of Professor Welson Mesquita, coordinator of Mato Grosso who was recently a victim of the coronavirus and left Miss Grand Mato Grosso 2021 elected.



She received a ribbon and crown from Nadeska Calmon, lawyer and friend of Professor Mesquita, who will take care of the preparation and promotion of the candidate until her participation in the national competition.

Maythe took to her social media to share the news, “Today, after a long journey, we made my effective acclamation to Miss Grand Mato Grosso as a family, this journey began with the choice and support of Professor Welson Mesquita, who will be in our memories and stories forever.”

She also thanked Nadeska for volunteering to be with her and was grateful for all the support that she will be taking along for the national competition that will take place later this year. “I am stunned by the love of God, who has given me the smallest details, wonderful people who have been supporting me unconditionally in this dream. I count on your support in this process, this metamorphosis will be experienced by all of us!” she added.



Maythe is a 24 years-old resident in Cuiabá and is in the eighth semester of the chemical engineering course at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT). She is not new to the world of pageantry as she has been participating at local pageants for a few years now. She was crowned Miss Pocone earlier this year. She also participated in the Miss Tourism Mato Grosso.

Maythe is a strong advocate of women empowerment and feels like she can end up being a figure who can give voice to others, regardless of the professional scope, generating more unity among women through her platform. She also talked about the same in a recent interview, “The Miss ends up being a reflection for women, both of empowerment, strength, dedication. Miss has to be comforting and coherent for women in society. A miss's role, at least in the political situation, is to seek to help her society. Miss defends what she thinks, her cause, her own ideas and thoughts. It's not just a beauty figure.”

Maythe stands strong as a representative of women and beauty and can prove to be a strong contender at the national competition later this year. Congratulations to the queen and all the best wishes for her future pageantries.