Malaysia’s Francisca Luhong to wear two-in-one ‘KampungKu’ national costume at Miss Universe 2020

27 Apr 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Malaysia organization held a Preview Press Conference to unveil Francisca Luhong’s national costume and evening gown that she will be showcasing at the 69th Miss Universe. The event was streamed live a few hours ago on the organization’s official Facebook and Instagram pages as was hosted by venue partner Vogue Lounge.

During the preview, Francisca paraded in front of the media in three stunning outfits out of which two of them were a part of her national costume and the other was her evening gown that reflected her beauty, confidence and grace as she appeared well-prepared to represent Malaysia at Miss Universe 2020 on 16th May 2021 in the United States.



An insane excitement ran through pageant followers as Francisca revealed her two-in-one national costume which consisted of two sides - two backdrops, two outfits and two headgears! Undoubtedly making a way towards possibly being the best national costume, hers has definitely become an audience favourite.

The larger than life national costume was designed by Carven Ong inspired by the heritage patterns of Sarawak, Pua Kumbu, and Sungai. The national costume is called ‘KampungKu’, literally translated as ‘My Village’, is inspired by wooden houses found in villages across Malaysia. It shows how serene, authentic and rich is the Malaysia diversity.



Francisca started the walk with the black and white side of the costume looking like a vintage beauty queen. She later went inside the hut that is the backdrop of the attire, only to reveal the surprise element as the backdrop revolved and the diva entered from the second side of the wooden huts in a vibrant outfit looking no less of a queen. The highlights of her costume, apart from the grandeur will definitely be her over the top headgears which instantly caught eyes.

Both sides of the costume have been worked upon very hard and the intricate details of the fits and every little accessory including the head gears and the backdrops have been carefully made keeping her potential in mind as she proves to be one of the strongest contenders at the competition.



Apart from the spectacular national costume, Francisca also showcased the evening gown that she will be donning at the international pageant. For the evening gown, designer Rizman Ruzaini was inspired by the legend of the beautiful Princess Sejinjang who is synonymous with Sarawak’s folklore. The Land of the Hornbills is also the birthplace of Francisca who is of Kayan, Kenyah and Iban ethnicity.



The ombre´ turquoise gown was created with Princess Sejinjang in mind, the princess who was turned into an island according to legend. The silver gemstones lend a luxurious and elegant feel to the creation, sparkling brightly as they catch the light just like the grains of sand on the ocean floor. The hourglass silhouette and high slit on the front allow Francisca to radiate confidence as a strong and beautiful front-runner when she walks on stage.

Francisca has been preparing for her international stint ever since her coronation with sincerity and determination. Her social media boasts of stunning portfolios as she shows immense potential to be a strong contender at Miss Universe 2020 with these stunning outfits only taking her a step closer to the win.