National Director Mexicana Universal Lupita Jones responds to beauty pageant ban in Mexico

09 Jul 2020 | Angelique Reyes

It was heard that the Mexican Gender Equality Commission seeks to discontinue the holding of beauty pageants in Mexico as they believe that such events are a form of symbolic violence against women.

In a virtual meeting on Friday i.e., 3rd July 2020, the Gender Equality Commission of Chamber of Deputies said its members were working on three aspects: to include symbolic and media violence, gender parity reforms, and consolidate the concept of re-victimization. The members of the commission said the symbolic violence had been naturalized through cultural representation, language, art, theater, cinema, television, jokes, and jests.


National Director Mexicana Universal Lupita Jones responds to beauty pageant ban in Mexico


Now, María Guadalupe Jones Garay or popularly known as Lupita Jones who was Miss Universe 1991 and National Director of Mexicana Universal has responded to the rumors by stating that she was the first Mexican woman to win Miss Universe title for the country which had a positive impact on the people of Mexico. She further stated that since her win, she has dedicated her life in generating spaces and maintaining a platform that provides Mexican women with the necessary tools that allow them to confidently, confidently, and courageously face any challenge that comes their way in life, not just a contest of beauty.

She further stated, “I have witnessed and actively promoted a transformation in these platforms in our country. I've always said that platforms like Miss Universe have represented the woman of every age. Over 68 years, it has evolved not once, not twice, many times more to adapt to what the same woman has been demanding throughout history.”



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Lupita stated that the Mexican Gender Equality Commission is trying to target these platform as Symbolic Violence seems to me completely wrong and without any support. She asked the commission that how can training, training, training, and strengthening women can be considered as violence against women both internally and externally? The diva stated that beauty pageants are held in order to cultivate the delegates’ self-esteem, confidence, and security. The pageants and the team included in training the pageants are train the delegates and provide them with professional opportunities which can help them stand out in a group of people. Where is the violence?

Former beauty queen ended her video by stating, “I think deputy Frida Alejandra Esparza, that it is not possible to legislate from ignorance and personal prejudice.” The commission have also mentioned that media violence is also a form of symbolic aggression expressed through the publication or dissemination of stereotyped symbols, images, messages, and ideas, through the mass and electronic means of communication.