Miss Universe Mexico 2019 Sofía Aragón hospitalized due to endometriosis

29 Jan 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

Sofia Aragon, who is currently the host of La Voz, has been hospitalized due to endometriosis as she revealed through her Instagram stories. So far, no other details have been given but the complications were so bad so that she had to be admitted.

In the first story she told her followers a short and clear message as she wrote, "Endometriosis again doing its thing.” In the second story where she is lying on the bed, she wrote, “Did you know that it affects 170 million women in the world? ... I have been asked a lot about this disease ... Soon I will make a video to tell you about my experience and what treatments I have followed.”



It is not the first time Sofia talked about her condition. A few months ago, through her official Instagram account, she published a video where she answered several questions in relation to Miss Universe 2019 where she represented Mexico and with her stunning performance, placed as the second runner-up.

She said, "I have a gynecological problem. This, I know, is something very personal, very private ... (what I have) is called endometriosis. For the women who have it and who are here, I send them a kiss, because it really is horrible.”

Now, waiting for a positive diagnosis, Sofía has the support of her fiancé, Franciso Bernot. In another story, he showed the small gesture that his partner gave him, a coffee with the written message - “Get better, love of my life!” According to statements made by the couple, the wedding is planned for the end of 2021.



We wish her a speedy recovery!