Miss Universe Nepal 2020 Anshika Sharma’s awe-inspiring journey at Miss Universe 2020

18 May 2021 | Camilla Suarez



With a very exciting 69th edition of Miss Universe coming to an end after the coronation last night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida, USA, the pageant followers are left with a lot to say as they carry mixed feelings about the decisions made at the finale.

The selection of the Top-21 finalists was one of the biggest shock wave that went across the fans as some of the strongest countries like Canada, Nepal, South Africa, Venezuela, Chile, to name a few, couldn’t make it to the final cut. These delegates had been exceptional since the competition’s beginning and also made it to the top positions as fan-favorites justified with their potential and performances.



Nevertheless, without pointing out or questioning any authorities these contestants have been receiving a lot of love, support and praise from their fans and followers as they head their way back home making their countries ever so proud. One such contestant who left a strong mark and led her country’s representation like a true queen was Nepal’s Anshika Sharma. This underdog situation with Anshika was one of the most exciting and inspiring journey to watch at Miss Universe 2020. She represented Nepal with her utmost capabilities and waved the flag with pride and humility.

Radiating a captivating aura on the stage in front of the Universe, she inspired millions turning out to be Nepal’s best delegation till date without any doubt. She has set a benchmark for delegates of the future on a different level with her elegance and grace. The performances and presence that she brought along was impeccable.

A few hours ago, Anshika took off to Nepal after an uplifting experience at the Miss Universe 2020 as she took to her social media to share a heartfelt note as she said, “Leaving with heart full of gratitude. Thank you to everyone for representing Nepal so well. We made us proud.” Hers has been a long journey of over 4 months hustling and pushing herself towards being the best version to represent her country to the Universe.



“It’s not just my dream, it’s a moment to make Nepal proud,” is what Anshika said as she started her journey towards the crown. She has been stirring up the pageant world since the day she was crowned with her determination, focus and confidence.

Anshika’s beauty was witnessed and appreciated by everyone along with her preparations that made her one of the strongest competitors for the crown. Anshika’s speaking skills, advocacy, beliefs, thoughts, and initiatives, there is nothing that the diva wasn’t good at. A complete package to hold the title of the Universe, Anshika’s journey was challenging but at the same time very supportive.

She believes that beauty pageants sure give priority to beauty but, beauty is not just about the appearance but also about how one possesses the beauty in their life, their purpose, their story, their experiences, their confidence and positive attitude, and their message on the stage. For her, a beauty pageant is a platform to prove leadership, to empower oneself, and to make a significant impact in society.



The beauty queen launched ‘The Anshika Education Welfare Foundation’ in February 2021 which she explained is close to her heart because of her father. Growing up, listening to her father’s stories, Anshika realized that education is essential for everyone but especially for the children to uplift themselves and that’s how she started her initiative with a vision of uplifting the status of the children who are deprived of education.

Commencing her journey at the Miss Universe 2020 right from nailing the arrival look at the hotel to her everyday stunning outfits, she shined bright like a true star throughout. Be it her performance in the swimsuit or her grand national costume, Anshika aced it all. She has come through as a true champion who has been able to inspire people to work harder to achieve their goals.



She might have not won the crown, but as it is said the competition is about winning hearts and Anshika is definitely the queen of million hearts. With immense support and love falling her way, it proves how Anshika has sure been successful in making her country proud with an incredible journey showcasing her rainbow personality made up of myriad qualities.