Nina Kant Mandal enters Top 10 as she wins ‘BBB Social Advocacy’ award of Miss Universe Nepal 2020

23 Dec 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Nepal organization, under the leadership of Nagma Shrestha, held the press conference of 2020 edition yesterday i.e. 22nd December 2020 in Kathmandu where the eighteen finalists were presented to the media. After weeks of training and eliminations, eighteen delegates were chosen who will now compete for the Miss Universe Nepal 2020 crown.

At the conference, Nina Kant Mandal was presented with Bold Brave Beautiful ‘Best Advocacy’ award as she became the first finalist to enter Top 10. Focusing on the mental health of people, Nina wishes to raise awareness regarding the cause because it is something very close to her heart.



She also took to her official social media to reveal her emotions on winning as she wrote, “I don’t have words, only feelings! Feeling of gratitude to those who supported my advocacy and helped me win the Advocacy Video award which also gave me a straight entry to top 10! It means a lot to me as mental health is something I’ve struggled with myself and I know how it feels to go through this all alone, especially now during pandemic... Thank you everyone once again for support and all your sweet messages! And let’s all take mental health awareness to another level! Special thanks to @mindswastha your cooperation with my advocacy! I believe that together we can achieve great things.”



She recently wrote a piece on World Mental Health day reciting how PTSD, anxiety and depression is the cause of numerous deaths around the country and the world. She wrote, “Rape is a huge problem in Nepal and many other countries around the world! It breaks lives and causes many psychological problems such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts... And in many cases the victims are blamed for what happened to them! It breaks my heart to read the news about poor innocent girls being raped every single day and nothing is done to punish the perpetrators!”



“We need to keep spreading awareness, to teach younger generations to respect each other no matter what gender you are and we need to support the survivors to let them know that they aren’t fighting this battle silently and alone”, she added.