Our favorites at Preliminary Interview of Miss Universe Nepal 2020

29 Dec 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Universe Nepal is all set to crown the representative of Nepal for Miss Universe 2020 on 30th December 2020 where the eighteen finalists will compete for the national crown. The winner will succeed Miss Universe Nepal 2019 Pradeepta Adhikari.

Miss Universe Nepal 2020 is the first all-inclusive beauty pageant in Nepal with the intent to empower Nepalese women. This will also be the first ever beauty pageant competition to be conducted digitally as the 2020 edition is happening using an app for the registration and evaluation process.

The final eighteen delegates before competing at the finale stage had to go through an interview round where the judges asked them few questions and got to know a little more about them and their determination towards winning the title of Miss Universe Nepal 2020. The divas sounded confident, clear, and precise while answering the questions but there were few that stood out completely and impressed everyone with not only their confidence and zeal to win but their answers too. Let’s look at our favorites at the Preliminary Interview of Miss Universe Nepal 2020:

Rajani Mishra

Rajani Mishra was the second diva to appear for the interview and with her entering the vibe of the room was suddenly filled with positivity and hope. She is considered as a dark horse of the competition who has managed to excel the preliminary activities and impress the judges with her confidence, determination, and attitude towards winning the title. She was clear with her answers and her body language showcased that she believes in herself.



Surabhi Khanal

Surabhi Khanal is one of the strongest contenders at the competition and during her preliminary interview round, she managed to impress the judges with her quick and witty answers that showcased how much she desire to win the title. The diva in her bright yellow dress looked absolute stunning and the way she answered all her questions was highly appreciated by the pageant fanatics.



Nina Kant Mandal

Nina Kant Mandal is one of the most loved contestants at Miss Universe Nepal 2020 and was the first one to enter the Top 10 finalists at the competition as she won the Best Social Advocacy award at the press conference night. Nina has shown that even after not being born and brought up in Nepal, she is connected to her roots and loves to advocate about them as well. She explained that she has faced her share of struggles and has always tried to fight back and embrace herself. Nina’s body language was very impressive throughout the interview as she appeared to be confident, determined, and grateful to be there.



Rose Tamang

Rose is one of the divas at the competition who has managed to impress the audience and the judges with her confidence and zeal to win. Not only she looked beautiful at the interview but her clear and precise answers were enough to make her dazzle at the preliminary interview round. Rose’s beautiful smile was also adding to her entire interview. She is the youngest contestant at the competition but has managed to stir the competition with her desire to win.



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Sujita Basnet

Sujita Basnet is one of the experienced contenders at the competition and her desire to win and represent Nepal at the Miss Universe 2020 stage was showcased during her interview where she appeared confident, and determined. Sujita’s experience was utilized during the interview and that’s why she has managed to impress everyone with her speaking and convincing skills. Her white dress and tied hair in a bun were very impressive as she looked assured about her look and when you are comfortable in what you wear, it showcases in your performance as well.



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Priya Sigdel

Priya Sigdel is one of the loved contenders for the title of Miss Universe Nepal 2020 as she appears to be strong, confident, and determined and her qualities were exactly showcased during her preliminary interview round. Her impressive styling was also a major advantage. She is experienced and has used her experience of beauty pageant to it fullest advantage and she appeared to have prepared her convincing and speaking skills at it best. Priya’s stance, poise and the confidence will surely help her to move a step ahead in the competition.



Jojo Bht

Jojo Bht is a surprise for everyone as she not only impressed with her performance at the press conference but also at the preliminary interview round too. Jojo speaks with such conviction and smile on her face that it’s very easy to agree to what she is trying to explain. She was one of the best speakers at the interview round as she answered every question with utmost confidence and assurance. She was very precise with what she wants to convey to the judges and was looking beautiful as well.



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Angel Lama

Angel Lama is a transwoman and has managed to impress the judges and the audience with her performance at the preliminary interview round. She was very convincing with her answers that showcased that she is confident about herself and that’s all that mattered to her. Angel’s participation is not only historic for her but for the Miss Universe Nepal organization as well and she was proud to be there in that moment. Even though she was a little nervous in the starting but managed to ease down while answering the question.