Best advocacies of Miss Universe Philippines 2020

23 May 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss Universe Philippines, under the new roles and leadership, is hosting the debut edition where stunning beauties are competing for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Philippines in Miss Universe 2020. Gazini Ganados Miss Universe Philippines 2019 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

The organization will be giving life to three roles that it will play for the country for the next few months in search for the next queen. The organization will provide guidance on how to fight the challenges brought because of Covid-19. It will also inspire Filipinos to seek the best versions of themselves during the new normal. It will create initiatives that will bring Filipinos together to do meaningful work.

With a lot of time in hand, the delegates who are maintaining and following the social distancing instructions of the WHO are not only helping the front liners in the need but also advocating and carrying out their duties as a delegate. All the gorgeous divas have spoken about their advocacies but there are few that stood out and are unique in their way that we feel needs attention and can make an impact on the people. Let’s know the unique advocacies of the divas.

Maria Isabela Galeria who is representing the province of Sorsogon at the competition is advocating about Health Education and free access to Healthcare in rural communities. The diva is quarantining in Sorsogon and feels that people should be more considerate towards the health workers and a pandemic shouldn’t happen to make one realize how hard they work. She explained, “I volunteered to be a Newborn Care nurse in a Lying-in clinic here in my home town where we practice quality maternal and child care, essential intrapartum and newborn care, newborn screening, newborn hearing tests, vaccinations, and consultations. In this way, I was able to help people specially the mother and child in their most vulnerable time.”  Maria has been very actively participating and volunteering in order to provide the front liners with essentials. She has tried to maximize the resources in her hometown in order to provide the people with the essential items they need in such tough times. Maria mentioned, “They work tirelessly to make sure we are safe so I continuously make efforts to help them in the ways I know.” Maria is focusing on educating people about the essential techniques and tips in order to combat a pandemic crisis such as this. So, she made sure to teach people about proper handwashing, cough etiquette, remind everyone to avoid social gathering, practice physical distancing and of course make people stay at home. “I made use of today’s technology and online platform to share news and updates from reliable sources, guidelines from the government specially from the Department of Health, and educate people on what we can do to help flatten the curve.”


Maria Isabela Galeria


Ericka Evangelista who is representing the province of Rizal at the competition is specifically on the path of teens – and in unleashing the great potentials in them. She is advocating and mentoring teens to find confidence in pursuing their dreams. Ericka explained that while she was growing up, she never had the luxury of being confident and determined to follow her dreams and passion. She wanted to take fashion design back then but had to listen to her parents to secure a more financially stable future. She took up Integrated Marketing Communications at University of Asia and the Pacific as her first degree. From there, she immersed herself in a corporate job for four years as a Business Development Manager. It was a stable job but Ericka always felt that she was made for something else. So, she went to pursue her dream of studying Fashion Designing. She studied at Slims Fashion and Art School and everyone at work was supportive, even her bosses. The first-ever dress she made was for her regional boss, Marru, who is also her life mentor. On receiving a great response, she started her own retail line last August 2019 called Designer Staples at Zalora PH. She was also able to win the Top Booker for Toast Wedding Fair, even beating Francis Libiran. The diva believes that wonderful things happen only when one believes in themselves and work hard for their dreams. Chase after your dreams, when you are in sync with your community and family, and most importantly, when God is in the center of life, that’s when one is successful and happy in what they do. The result of this hard work was she became passionate about uplifting the youth who suppress their dreams due to lack of self-belief/confidence. She wants to go out to the teens who have been told that they’re not good enough to make their dreams happen and the youth who had to take the practical route in life for their family’s sake. She wants to let them know that they can also pursue their dreams, no matter what everybody else says.


Ericka Evangelista


Marí Danica Reynes who is representing the province of Cagayan at the competition is advocating the healing power of music. The diva explains that she has been singing all her life and music has helped her heal in so many ways. She explains that music has calming quality that alleviates depression and reduces stress. Listening to soothing music is beneficial to our mental health. Danica wants to promote this, especially to the younger generation. If they focus in honing their talents or skills, be it music or other arts, it will help them turn away from the bad influences in life. In times like the pandemic, the diva explained, “In this time of quarantine, I made sure to be still productive and be of help in my own little way. I initiated an online fundraiser for my friend and his colleagues who are all medical front liners. The funds will be used to provide them with PPE as they are in dire need of it – gogetfunding.com/loveinthetimeofcorona. I have been practicing yoga which is great for physical and mental health. Also, I’m fond of languages because of my travels. I’m learning Italian recently. And I have been editing my travel vlogs as well, hoping it would somehow spark positivity amidst the tragic news we hear daily. I also did a video collaboration with other music artists in singing Heal the World”. Her advocacy is not only unique but an interesting one too which might help not you but someone close to you too.


Marí Danica Madrid Reynes


Miss Universe Philippines Organization took to their official social media to reveal the info in a post captioned, “We can't wait to bring to life the three roles we shall aim to play for our country in the next few months. Here are them again plus the calendar of activities that can serve as your reference for the eventful year of Miss Universe Philippines! It will include the first ever Ring Light Series that we can’t wait for you to see in September!”