Get To Know Me with Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo

27 Jul 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo has recently joined the league of celebrity content creators with the release of her YouTube channel a few weeks ago. She started her content journey with a glimpse of her last day in the United States as she competed in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant and made her country proud.

The Ilongga beauty queen had her homecoming last July 14 after she represented the Philippines in the 69th Miss Universe pageant in May. She finished in the Top 21 of the competition. She is now all set to crown her successor and Philippines’ representative for Miss Universe 2021.



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In a recent video released by her, the diva took up the ‘Get To Know Me’ tag as she shares facts about herself, her journey so far and some of her future plans. The reigning Miss Universe Philippines opened up about her first kiss, her favorites, her insecurities, and more in the video.

She began by revealing that she was initially names Jasmine by her mother. "Did you know that my name shouldn't be Rabiya? I was about to be named Jasmine because my mom is a fan of 'Aladdin,'" she said. She later revealed that her father named her Rabiya which means queen or princess in their language.

Mateo went on to share other details about herself, including her first heartache at 14, first kiss at 18, and her finger deformity, for which she consulted physical therapy in college. Rabiya’s dream business, as she shared, has to do with makeup but it's definitely not something one can think of.



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The diva also talked about her future plans of putting up a funeral parlour. Rabiya spoke about death and her thoughts on current funeral services in the country. "We don't ask for it. That's the cycle of life. I also don't like how they do the makeup of the dead in the province," she said. "I feel like they just put white foundation on them and fill their eyebrows," she added. "I want to have a funeral parlor and I want my clients' makeup to be beautiful."

Among the facts she shared about herself included her favorite shows, her greatest fears, food that she doesn't eat, and her first job. Earlier, in an interview, Mateo also shared her plans of eyeing a showbiz career in the Philippines. Rabiya, just before heading back to the Philippines, shared a meal with Hollywood director Cyrus Nowrasteh. Talking about their meeting, the diva mentioned that she is looking forward to joining local showbusiness and is thinking of doing a TV magazine show like 'Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.' Kasi madaldal ako.

Even though Rabiya couldn’t secure a top spot at Miss Universe 2020, she was one of the most appreciated and loved delegates throughout the competition. It will definitely be extremely exciting and a proud feeling for the Filipinos to watch her on the big screen.