Pauline Amelinckx confirms participation for Miss Universe Philippines 2022

12 Nov 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The grand finale of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 was hosted on 25th October 2020 at the Cordillera Convention Hall of Baguio Country Club in Baguio City, where Rabiya Mateo was crowned as the new queen and became an official representative of the Philippines for Miss Universe 2020. Pauline Amelinckx represented Bohol at the competition was adjudged as the third runner-up at the end of the finale has confirmed her participation for the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 competition.

Hailing from the city of Bohol, Pauline is well-experienced model and is also a beauty queen who has won many hearts with her charming personality and her beauty, also with that she has also not back out in winning many titles. She had shown immense dedication and determination towards winning the title and was highly appreciated for her strong performance.



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Pauline is no stranger to the pageant world as she was Miss Bohol 2017 and Miss JCI Philippines 2017. She also performed well in the finale night of Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2018 while she competed in that also and she won two special awards named Mutyang Zen Institute and Miss Avon Fashion. Pauline Amelinckx was crowned Miss Global Beauty Queen Philippines 2018 during the grand finale of Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2018 and recently serves as the third runner-up at Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

During the final night of the competition of Miss Universe Philippines 2020, she was asked, “What factors influence you in deciding what to buy or post online?” She answered, “The factors that help me decide that is basically what I want to put out there, what I want to show the world about myself, how I want to portray myself.” She was also asked, “Where do pageants stand in this time of crisis?” to which she answered, “I think pageants are now an amazing platform to show that not all our dreams are cancelled, they’re just put on hold and for us, we’re just lucky to make this one dream come true, to stand here, to spread hope, to rally people together in action and conversation and spark change and together, I’m sure, we can make a positive impact out there on this stage,” the Bohol representative answered. “That is the essence of beauty pageants in the time of a pandemic.”



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Pauline believes that young people should focus on staying strong and continue their dreams of educating themselves even during the times of pandemic. She explained that everyone is having a hard time but that shouldn’t stop one from following the dreams, and passions. The diva had impressed everyone since the day she stepped in the city of Baguio and then her preliminary was exceedingly impressive.

The diva used the platform to advocate about the Marine Conservation Through Arts where she tries to make the young mind understand the importance of marine conservation through arts. She sent out “Hope in a Box” packages for the kids which included coloring books with marine animals. She is carefully intertwined her love for the sea and love for the children in an advocacy.

With such experience and charming personality, Pauline has already made her way into everyone’s hearts this year and would be a perfect candidate to represent the Philippines at Miss Universe 2022. She has her crown duties to fulfill currently and will have a lot of time to prep herself for the competition.