Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin clarifies on not renewing the contract with TPN

12 Nov 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin who was placed at the Top 5 at the finale of Miss Universe 2019 held a press conference recently to clarify the controversy between the queen and the TPN- the organization holding the copyright of Miss Universe in the land of the Golden Temple.

The diva has announced few weeks ago that she will not be renewing her contract with TPN. She has mentioned, "Thank you to the fans for all your support. And thank the company TPN 2018 with the title of Miss Universe Thailand 2019 in order not to cause any misunderstandings Faasai would like to clarify the reasons for not extending the contract with TPN 2018 Company Limited as follows. "

The diva’s team clarified that she had signed a contract for the first time with TPN 2018 Co., Ltd. 1 issue while participating in the Miss Universe Thailand 2019 contest. The contract included all the information about how many years of commitment period, what percentage share with the contest team, working conditions, roles, and duties of Miss Universe Thailand. Fahsai adheres to this contract and performed the duties strictly and accordingly.


Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin clarifies on not renewing the contract with TPN


Then the organization gave the diva a new contract before going to Miss Universe in which the terms and conditions were changes which the diva didn’t agree to and requested the changes in in accordance with the intent of the first contract. When she came back from Miss Universe 2019, the contract that was presented to her was not the same as the first one; when diva didn’t sign it, the organization decided to end the contract.

Exposing about her bad publicity, the representative of the diva during the press conference mentioned that TPN team didn’t support the queen and thus the bad publicity for the queen was spread during the competition of Miss Universe 2019. She was the very first delegate to reach the US for the competition of Miss Universe 2019 and had one of the best teams and even the experts predict her crowned Miss. But in the end, she was placed at the top 5.

Paweensuda tried to connect with the organization but there was no solution in the end and thus, both parties went their separate ways. During the Miss Universe Thailand 2020 contest, Drouin did not accompany the contestants for any activities and only appeared briefly to award the crown to her successor. Also, after the finale, Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin announced to return the crown to TPN. She decided to keep this private as she was afraid of being blamed but after her appearance at a recent event where she was captured without the crown and sash, pageant fanatics begin to question the organization and she felt like she needs to tell the truth to everyone.

After her press conference, her followers and supporters feel like a beauty queen shouldn’t be treated this way and have lent support to the queen.