Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Top 5 Q/A Round

30 Sep 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The 2nd edition of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 was held on 30th September 2021 at the Henann Resort Convention Center, Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol, where Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021 by the outgoing queen Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo.

Before the winner was crowned, the Top 5 delegates; Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Katrina Dimaranan, Victoria Velasquez Vincent, Maureen Wroblewitz and Steffi Aberasturi, were put through  a grilling question and answer round, which was a chance for them to impress the judges and the audience with their intelligent and witty answers.



Each of them had only 30 seconds to give an eloquent response. Let's look at the final question posed to the Top 5 finalists for the title of Miss Supranational 2021, as well as their exceptionally well-defined responses.

Cebu Province’s Steffi Aberasturi was the first one to answer the question, which was, “How will you empower young women and help them become more socially aware?” Steffi confidently answered that, “Now with social media, this tool has been a driving force in all of us, but we have to draw a borderline so that this youth will not take advantage of the social media. We have to see the social media the way it was designed, which is to unite people and never to divide us in the first place. We have to be responsible users.”

Cebu City’s Beatrice Luigi Gomez was the second finalist to answer and was asked, “If, during your reign as Miss Universe Philippines, things happen in your life that make you sad and uninspired, how would you be able to continue inspiring others?”  Beatrice answered, “It is very evident that all of us went through difficulties during this pandemic, but it is also proof that we are able to rise to the occasion, and if anything happened to me during my reign, I will not give up and inspire others by rising to the problems that I am encountering and by inspiring them that what you are going through, you will be able to overcome it."

Katrina Dimaranan of Taguig was the third finalist to face the question, that was, “What do you think is the most inspiring quality that a Miss Universe Philippines should possess, and why?” Katrina answered the question confidently, "It would have to be the ability to have compassion and relate to other people because as we know, Miss Universe has to be able to connect with people in all different countries, from all different classes. So I would have to say relatability and compassion, because as a Miss Universe, it's your job to inspire others and to genuinely want to help. Whether it be through organizations or any companies, or groups of people.”


Maureen Wroblewitz and Steffi Aberasturi


Cavite’s Victoria Velasquez Vincent was the fourth finalist to answer the question. She was asked, “In your journey to be Miss Universe Philippines, what has been the most inspiring part and why?” She answered, “During the pandemic, people have risen to overcome everything that they've gone through. I've been incredibly privileged and I haven't had to go through that many issues in my life, but meeting so many people who have had so many battles, hearing their stories and hearing how they overcame them, that's what inspires me, that's what inspires me to continue to help Filipinos in the way that I know how, which is through my advocacy, through architecture and heritage conservation."

Maureen Wroblewitz was the last finalist to answer the question during the question-and-answer round. She was asked, “If you win the crown tonight, how would you inspire other women to get out of their comfort zone?”, to which she answered, “Just me being here, I am getting out of my comfort zone. I am conquering my fear because I am afraid to talk in front of a lot of people, but I hope that through me, I can inspire so many to do the same, to achieve their dreams but to also reach for the universe."