Miss Universe Philippines 2021 2nd Runner-up Steffi Aberasturi gets engaged

27 Jan 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Congratulations are in order for Steffi Aberasturi who is now engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Karl Arcenas. The stunning beauty was adjudged second runner-up at Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

She shared the photos and videos of her engagement party on Sunday on her Instagram stories. The 27-year-old Filipina beauty was wearing a white dress with a diamond ring as she posed with her fiancé.



She took to her official social media as she recalled the cherished moment and wrote, “January 23rd - it was Karl’s birthday celebration. Little did I know, I was the one in for a big surprise! When he gave a birthday speech and started thanking people, including me, naka ingon ko “ka-sweet ba ani akong uyab uy”. But then his speech got longer and progressed to a more serious tone. I thought I was getting pranked or something but then he eventually knelt on one knee and proposed. I was taken by surprise and overjoyed.”

Steffi added, “Karl and I have been together for 8 and a half years now. Over the years we’ve shared the best moments of our lives. We laughed, cried, learned, and flourished together. We complement each other in the most perfect way like twin souls bound to be together. I am truly blessed to have him in my life and now, finally, we are engaged. Na tinuod na gyud ang #Karffiforever #Karffineverdies.”



“To Karl’s family, especially to Tita Marilyn Arcenas, who successfully organized the engagement surprise, thank you so much tita for everything and for always treating me like your own daughter ever since. To Karl, Happy Birthday Lang! I am truly excited about what is ahead for us. No matter what comes our way, I will forever be by your side - to love and support you in every way. I love you always and I cant wait to spend forever with you”, she concluded.