Miss Universe Portugal 2024 Live Stream & Updates

15 Jun 2024 | Irina Silva

The finale of Miss Universe Portugal 2024 will be held on Today, June 15th  2024 on June 15th at 9:30 PM at the Cine-Teatro Avenida in Castelo Branco. Don't miss your chance to witness the crowning of the next Miss Portugal live! where Experience the glamour and excitement as our talented contestants compete for the prestigious crown.

Tonight marks a dazzling event in the world of pageantry as Miss Universe Portugal 2024 unfolds. This prestigious competition, renowned for celebrating beauty, intelligence, and grace, promises a night filled with glamour and excitement. Fans from around the globe can tune in via live stream to witness the crowning of Portugal's next representative to the Miss Universe pageant.

Viewers can expect a night of captivating performances, with contestants showcasing their talents, intelligence, and poise. The competition will include traditional segments such as the evening gown and swimwear presentations, as well as a question-and-answer portion that tests the contestants' wit and eloquence.

Watch the live stream of the pageant here –



The pageant will begin at 9:30 PM (local time). check your country’s timings from the list below –

Istanbul, Turkey:                                         15th June, 7:00 PM                

New York, USA:                                          15th June, 12:00 PM                

London, United Kingdom:                         15th June, 5:00 PM

Bangkok, Thailand:                                    15th June, 11:00 PM

Cape Town, South Africa:                         15th June, 6:00 PM

Jakarta, Indonesia:                                    15th June, 11:00 PM

Mexico City, Mexico:                                15th June, 11:00 AM

Manila, Philippines:                                   16th June, 12:00 AM

Toronto, Canada:                                       15th June, 12:00 PM

Adelaide, Australia:                                   16th June, 2:00 AM    

Caracas, Venezuela:                                  15th June, 11:00 AM

The contestants competing for Miss Portugal 2024 are : Juliana Sousa, Teresa Oliveira, Anastasiia Zakharova, Andreéa Correia, Gabriela Atique, Mariana Costa, Daryna Levytsha, E´rica Batim, Va^Nia Priscila, Caroline Mz, Barbara Peixoto, Tânia Fernandes Camacho, Marisa Cristina Lopes, Carolina Oliveira, Raquel Camelo, Juliana Simoes, Océane Conceição, Carolina Paz, Rosa Ange´lica, Daniella Andre, Inês Lucas, Sandra Marisafernandes, Eva Arlindo Oliveira, Ashley Branco, Telma Barao, Carolina Reis.