Our Favourite Contestants of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024

15 Jun 2024 | Angelique Reyes

The vibrant island of Puerto Rico is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to crown its next queen. On June 27th, the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024 pageant will culminate in a grand finale, with one outstanding contestant being chosen to represent the island at the prestigious 73rd Miss Universe pageant in Mexico.

This year’s competition has been a thrilling journey, featuring a dazzling lineup of contestants who embody the beauty, intelligence, and cultural richness of Puerto Rico. These women have undergone rigorous training and preparation, honing their skills in various areas including public speaking, catwalk, and community service. Each contestant brings a unique story and a distinct vision for how she plans to use her platform to make a positive impact both locally and globally.

Our Favourites of Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant Contestants are :

Karina von Gundlach

Karina von Gundlach, 25, hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico. With a degree in international relations, she brings a global perspective to her endeavors. Karina is passionate about environmental conservation and has actively participated in various eco-friendly initiatives. Her poise and commitment to social causes make her a strong contender in the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024 pageant.



Carolina Mía Gómez

Carolina Mía Gómez, 22, is a vibrant young woman from Ponce, Puerto Rico. She is currently pursuing a degree in communications and has a keen interest in journalism. Known for her eloquence and charismatic presence, Carolina has been involved in numerous community service projects. Her dedication to advocating for women's rights sets her apart in this year's competition.



Aracelis Moreno Santana

Aracelis Moreno Santana, 23, represents the cultural richness of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. With a background in performing arts, Aracelis has a flair for the dramatic and a passion for storytelling. She has been a prominent figure in local theater productions and is committed to promoting the arts. Her creativity and dynamic stage presence are key strengths in her bid for the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2024 title.



Giuliana Andrea Cusnier

Giuliana Cusnier, 24, from Bayamón, Puerto Rico, is a biomedical science graduate with a deep interest in healthcare and wellness. Giuliana has been involved in various health awareness campaigns and is an advocate for mental health issues. Her scientific knowledge combined with her compassionate nature make her a unique and inspiring candidate in the pageant.



Kamila Krystal Vera

Kamila Krystal Vera, 21, is a rising star from Carolina, Puerto Rico. She is currently studying fashion design and has a keen eye for style and elegance. Kamila has participated in several fashion shows and is known for her innovative designs. Her passion for fashion and her dedication to empowering young women through style are central to her pageant journey.



As the anticipation builds, the grand finale promises to be a spectacular event. Held at a prominent venue, the evening will feature stunning evening gowns, heartfelt interviews, and mesmerizing performances. The judges, comprising renowned figures from the fashion and entertainment industries, will have the challenging task of selecting the winner from this impressive group of women.

Who will wear the coveted crown and carry the hopes of Puerto Rico to the Miss Universe stage? The world will be watching on June 27th as a new queen steps into the spotlight, ready to shine on an international platform and inspire millions with her grace, intelligence, and dedication.

Stay tuned as Puerto Rico crowns its next Miss Universe representative, a true embodiment of the island’s spirit and beauty.