Miss Universe Talent director Esther Swan resigns

30 Mar 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

In another unfortunate turns of events, Miss Universe Talent director Esther Swan has resigned from her position. Esther was a part of the Miss Universe organization for over two decades and worked with various Miss Universe winners during their reigns.

Esther has helped Miss Universe queens become the voice of change through the years she has worked as the talent director. It is, indeed, a sad day to see her leave the organization. The news comes as another blow with all the changes that are being made under the JKN Global ownership of Miss Universe.


Miss Universe Talent director Esther Swan resigns


Many contestants of Miss Universe 2022 batch have come forward to express their feelings on Esther’s resignation including Seychelles’ Gabriella Gonthier who said, “Mama E! for all the little intervals you popped by during the 71st Miss Universe your aura, your energy, your purpose was extremely contagious. You taught me so much indirectly in such a little time! People like you are rare but, are always blessed with greater things. I’m excited to see you shine and I’m rooting for you endlessly.”

Angola’s Swelia Da Silva Antonio also quoted, “The Queen who always won during rehearsals and the assurance that the MU would neverrr be left by herself! Love and hugs, the Universe roots for you and so do we.”


Esther Swan


What are your views on all the changes happening in the Miss Universe organization?