Thai beauty queen Vena Praveenar receives Overseas Citizenship of India

27 Jan 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Thailand 2020 first runner-up Vena Praveenar Singh received her Overseas Citizenship of India on 26th January 2021 which is also when Republic Day is celebrated. The diva took to her stories to showcase her citizenship of India to her followers and fans after and expressed her utmost gratitude towards the government. She was honoured by the Consulate of India Chiang Mai province as one of the people who made a name for Thai people of Indian descent. She gets a visa to enter India for a lifetime.

After Vena was granted her OCI; she became legible to participate in India’s beauty pageants as well and people have been speculating that she might enter Indian’s beauty pageant world in future. But according to some sources, she may be legible to participate but she only has a chance to be a runner-up as the representative of India at Miss Universe and Miss World can only be the one who holds a permanent citizenship of India.



Vena still holds the opportunity to represent India to other international pageants such as Miss Supranational, and Miss Grand International. The diva is thankful for the honour and celebrated India’s Republic Day at Consulate of India Chiang Mai province, Thailand. Vena is 22 years of age and stands 178 cm tall. She is graduate in Liberal Arts from Thammasat University. From Chiang Mai, she is a Thai citizen of Indian descent and is fluent in speaking three languages, i.e., English, Russian, and Thai.

During the final question and answer round at Miss Universe Thailand 2020, the finalists along with Vena was asked, “The picture of Temple of Dawn has always been taken to symbolize Thailand’s spirit and landmark. If you become the new Miss Universe Thailand, in what way will you represent yourself as one of the new iconic of Thailand?” To which the diva answered, “I would display humility, honouring and respect others, as I have been taught growing up, and smiling the Thai Smile. With these four things. Anywhere in the world people will know we are Thai. More than that, it is about being taught to love the Nation, Religions, and Monarchy, which Thais love and protect more than anything,” Praveenar said. She was adjudged as the first runner-up at the end of the event finale.



She believes that beauty pageants aren’t just about beauty anymore as they provide a platform to women to showcase their talent, talk about their advocacies and become confident. She has been an advocate for girls who struggle with self-doubt. She is willing to reach out to millions of girls who are struggling with bullying. She wants to change the mindset of the people by advocating people about the effects of bullying. She also wants to work towards the empowerment of women and now with opportunities opening in India too, Vena has a broader audience to reach out to.

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