Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Wishlist: Chayathanus Saradatta

09 Jul 2020 | Ana Walia

Miss Universe Thailand is all set to host the grand coronation ceremony of Miss Universe Thailand 2020 soon where, the next beauty queen will be crowned to represent her respective country of Thailand at the prestigious and international platform of Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin represented Thailand at Miss Universe 2020 and was placed at Top 5 of the competition. Paweensuda was highly appreciated by the judges for her performance which puts a little pressure on the Miss Universe Thailand 2020 as she has Paweensuda to match up to.

Chayathanus Saradatta has caught our attention as she seems like a potential candidate to represent Thailand at Miss universe 2020 stage. She stands 179 cm tall and aspires to represent her country at international stage. She is passionate about beauty pageants and hopes to perform her best at the competition.



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Chayathanus or popularly known as Cheremee is a model for many high-end brands both in Thailand and abroad, such as ASAVA, Giorgio Armani (Milan Fashion Week), Elle Fashion Week, etc., with experience in many countries such as Italy, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore. She may be new to the beauty pageant world but her work as a model has helped her to gain experience and knowledge about beauty pageants. She feels the most confident and comfortable when she is on-stage and this will help her during the pageant. The people she has worked with has mentioned that she is very hard working and quick to learn new things.

The diva has always used her social media account to empower and encourage people especially young women to follow their dreams and ambitions in life just like her. She believes that until and unless one works hard and focuses on their dreams and goals, they will never be able to achieve them. She is beautiful, confident, and determined towards her goals and believes that with Miss Universe Thailand 2020 stage, she will be able to explore herself a little more and work on things she can. She has been working on her on-stage walk, posture, speech, angles, and socializing with her team.



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Cheremee is an avid traveler and likes to explore different places across the world and her work and assignments has taken her to one of the best places in the world. She likes to know about the place’s history and culture to not only aware herself but also because she feels that knowing things about different place and people helps in giving a different perspective towards life. She is very grateful for the opportunities she has received till now and explains that they have helped her grow not only as a model but also as a person. She feels her hard work and dedication can help her achieve goal of representing Thailand at Miss Universe 2020.

The diva is very strict about her health and fitness as she likes to spend her free time at the gym. In one of her post, she has mentioned, Workout keeps me alive. I wouldn't feel so energetic without hitting the gym. I was very weak in my teen years and it affected my mental gravely. I'm not a psychiatrist but this is my trick. If you're having a bad day and feel like trapping. Go out, take a walk. Begin by few steps and tell yourself 'I can move on' 'I won' t be here forever' 'I can do this'”