Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Wishlist: Naruemon Sittiwang

23 Jan 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The delegates representing Thailand have always performed incredible at the international beauty pageants and proven their worth in the competition and with their remarkable skills and abilities Thailand has earned multiple titles, especially in the recent years. Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin’s performance at Miss Universe 2019 has set a bar high for the potential candidates of Miss Universe Thailand 2020. With wish list being prepared for the pageant of potential candidates, various beauty queens have been picked out as a suitable candidate for the win.

Naruemon Sittiwang from Chiang Mai has been named as one of the most suited and potential candidates for the title of Miss Universe Thailand 2020. Naruemon is 24-years-old and stands 170cm tall with a degree in Business Administration in Marketing from Chiang Mai University. She was selected to be the representative of GSB Gen Campus Star 2016.



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Naruemon is not new to the pageantry world as she has previously won the title Miss Chiang Mai 2019 along with an award from the media as the most beloved person and from Love Princess House. She also participated in Miss Universe Thailand 2019 where she was placed at Top 20. 

Naruemon’s experience in the pageantry world can help her during the competition of Miss Universe Thailand 2020 after which, if she wins, she will have an opportunity to represent Thailand at Miss Universe 2020. The diva is a nature lover and wants to raise awareness regarding the same.



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Naruemon who has participated in beauty pageants and has worked as muse for various photographers believes that women should be taught to accept themselves as they and if they feel like something’s to be worked on, they should. Naruemon works as a model professional and tries to practice her walk on stage, improve her personality and communication and interview skills just to be prepared. She can communicate in Thai, English and Chinese languages.

Naruemon can be one of the strongest contestants for the title of Miss Universe Thailand 2020 as she has been on the stage and is aware of the pressure and feeling of the competition. She is patient and focused towards winning and has always been thankful to the people who support and motivate her to be a better human and achieve her dreams.



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If she decides to participate, she can give a tough competition to the other contestants for the title.