Miss Global Organization Founder and CEO Van Pham in his defense against the false accusations

23 Jan 2020 | Abigail Henry

The coronation ceremony of the 8th edition of Miss Global was hosted on 18th January 2020 in Oaxaca, Mexico where delegates from all over the world competed for the coveted crown. Karolína Kokešová Miss Global Czech Republic 2019 was crowned as Miss Global 2019 at the end of the event finale.

On the recent issue which has been going on since the day of the coronation night of Miss Global 2019, the organization has been very disrupted since then. There were false accusations that has been surrounding the pageant and the newly crowned winner of the Miss Global pageant.


Miss Global Organization Founder and CEO Van Pham in his defense against the false accusations


In order to clear them out, Van Pham, the CEO and Founder of Miss Global Organization, posted a picture on the media today, which definitely cleared a lot of issue and brought it to light the issue.

It was said that, during this year’s telecast Ramiro Gutierrez, the host country sponsor who is not associated with the Miss Global Organization, put pressure on them, to favor the country candidate, Miss Mexico. “This violates our rules, integrity and ethics. When we informed Mr. Gutierrez of our unwillingness to compromise our integrity, he immediately pulled the plug on the telecast”, said Van.



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Miss Colombia’s protest against Mr. Gutierrez’s pressure campaign was well appreciated. This showed her boldness and the way she stood for the right. Also, we must say, that even after the diva didn’t win the pageant, but she showed her true bravery and won everyone’s heart by it.

The Mexico-based CPA firm overseeing the results also informed the organization about the error in its calculations from the prior weeks scoring. Fortunately, this error was detected early and did not impact the final results.

While the organization was forced to halt the competition by Mr. Gutierrez’s actions, they made the decision to crown the highest scorer at that point in the competition, and while being fair enough, they crowned Miss Czech Republic.

Van, in the end said, “The Organization will continue to protect our integrity and ensure our host countries remain removed from the process. We truly thank you all who support us and continue to believe in our platform: Empowering women, embracing cultures, and embodying the beauty within.”